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In the simplest terms, Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect.

The future beyond presets

The future beyond presets

Learning your style

Imagen's algorithm learns from a photographer's editing style and continues to learn as the photographer uses the app. The algorithm is trained to edit images based on a photographer's preferences and tweaks any edits sent back by reuploading them for further training.

Imagen Supports 50+ Adobe Lightroom parameters.

  • HUE

And we keep adding more.

Advanced options

  • Advanced Cropping

    Advanced Cropping

    Imagen’s AI will suggest photo resizing and object refocusing for that extra pop and polish.

  • Advanced Straightening

    Advanced Straightening

    Imagen’s AI will complete your photo editing process by adjusting photos’ angles, and perspective, and applying symmetry when needed.

Imagen Culling

Imagen leverages AI to simplify the culling phase of a photographer’s workflow. Culling removes duplicate images, blinks, blurry results, or photos with poor composition. These are all set aside automatically so Imagen can work on images worthy of editing.

Imagen Culling

Optimizing your workflow

Secure from day one

Imagen is committed to keeping your information secure and private. Your content is important to you and we take the responsibility of protecting it seriously. The details on what data we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it, how you can opt-out in, are available in our Privacy Policy, and instructions on how to retrieve and/or delete data from Imagen are available here. For peace of mind, additional security and privacy compliance documentation is available via request.

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In addition to learning each individual photographer’s personal style, you can also select from handpicked TalentAI—photographers who have shared their distinct styles.

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Put Imagen to work for you

$0.05 per photo. Incredible results at a minimal price.
Cropping and Straightening are available at an extra $0.01 per photo each.

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