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Body Language

About Michele

Michele Dell'utri has been a wedding photographer for over 20 years and he has his mom to thank for that as she was the first to hand him a camera. Photographing the arrival of the bride is Michele’s favorite moment to shoot - “It’s one of the only moments where things almost standstill and there is something about the intimacy of this public moment between the bride and groom that will never get old.

About Michele ’s AI Profile

Developing film photos in the darkroom for many years has inspired the way Michele works in Lightroom with a real attention to detail. Michele’s profile has been built from over 100,000 of these finely-tuned images. Michele always aims to be as close to reality as possible with his edits. Body Language offers accurate colors and a neutral tonal characteristic with some added contrast that gives enough pop to bring your photos to life. Photos are rich in tone whilst keeping the skin of subjects looking bright and natural.

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before and after Body Language
before and after Body Language
before and after Body Language
before and after Body Language
bride and groom sitting down photo by Michele Dell’utri

“My editing time is now a fraction of what it used to be!”

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