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California Dreaming

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Michael found photography as most have done, by starting out doing it as a hobby. He grew to love photographing weddings as the importance of that one day helps him to really focus on capturing the beauty and art in all of the action.

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The warm tones and vibrant colors remind Michael of the California landscape that he luckily gets to shoot in every day. For all lighting conditions the edit will enhance complimentary colors whilst keeping skin tones natural. Michael will usually correct the color of an image for the skin, and then zoom out to make changes to the environment when needed. By using this philosophy, it has helped Michael to be more aware of the color of light falling on his subjects. A moderate amount of contrast is maintained in the mid-range, whilst keeping detail in both shadows and highlights.

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before and after California Dreaming
before and after California Dreaming
before and after California Dreaming
before and after California Dreaming
bride and groom missing on a footbridge at night

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