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Imagen develops game-changing technology to help professional photographers save valuable time and grow themselves and their businesses.

Imagen was founded after Yoav, our co-founder and CTO, got married, and could not understand why he needed to wait months for his wedding photos. Working with his photographer, we began to understand the pain of manual editing. In many cases the extensive painstaking editing process is underestimated by customers, and is often considered the most tedious part in post-processing photography. We learned that photographers are looking to streamline the editing process while keeping their unique personal editing style, and without losing control over the final result.

  • Imagen is an AI-powered photo editing solution, that works on Adobe Lightroom Classic (desktop app). The proprietary AI learns and analyzes from previous edits to create a personalized editing AI Profile, which in turn, applies the edit across Lightroom catalog/s at a fraction of the time, clearing photographers' time so they can focus on what they love.

    The AI Profile analyzes the photos that need to be edited and adjusts the different parameters in relation to the chosen editing profile and the unique setting of each individual photo, taking into account white-balance, exposure, color correction, and more.

    There are two ways of editing using Imagen’s AI editing software; by creating a Personal AI Profile (based on a minimum of 3,000 previously edited photos), or using an pre-created Talent AI Profile, created by top photographers from around the world, such as Susan Stripling, Fer Juaristi, Charmi Patel-Pena, John Branch IV, Sarah Edmunds, and more. With extremely high levels of accuracy and consistency,and an editing speed of under ½ a second per photo, Imagen boosts photographers workflow by 96%.

  • Imagen is for batch photographers whose main editing is done in Lightroom Classic. Anyone who spends more time than they would like editing their photos. Photographers who currently outsource their editing and are looking to save a lot of money. Photographers who edit themselves and would like to get their time back, scale their business, or simply spend some time with their family.

  • Imagen leverages AI to simplify photographers’ workflows. The next big advances are going to be taking the editing AI even another leap forwards.

    The first, being the first AI photo editing software to introduce local adjustments and brush editing, thus perfecting the edited end results.

    The second, expanding the full Beta of Imagen culling, a time saving solution for photo rating that mimics the way photographers would actually chose the best photographs. Imagen Culling and Editing will blend into one process taking photographers from a photoshoot to a deliverable product.

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boost photographers

Imagen boosts photographers editing workflow by 96%


Photographers can now leave the repetitive editing tasks to Imagen so they can get back to focusing on what they love.

ai technology

Imagen is creating game changing AI based technology aiding professional photographers in their various workflows.


Imagen analyzes your previous photo edits to create your Personal AI Profile. You can then apply the profile to your Lightroom Classic catalog at a less than 1/2 second per photo. The AI Profile will know what to adjust; whether it’s white balance, exposure, color correction, and more.

Imagen Talent AI Profiles

Whether you are exploring new styles or need inspiration, Imagen also allows you to edit your photos using pre-built Talent AI Profiles made by industry-leading photographers.

Photo by Fer Juaristi
before editing with ai
after editing with ai
Photo by Charmi Patel-Pena
before editing with ai
after editing with ai
Photo by Susan Stripling
before editing with ai
after editing with ai

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