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Imagen makes your real estate photography shine in any condition, while maximizing your budget and time. 

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Imagen helps you tackle real estate photography challenges with ease,
leaving you to focus solely on your business.

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Seamless workflow
All-in-one intuitive platform for photographers that simplifies your editing process.
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Free your schedule
Imagen learns your editing style, cutting your workflow by 96%, giving you more time to grow your real estate photography business.
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Highest quality results
Your photos will shine like million-dollar listings, with edits as consistent and accurate as your own, thanks to our AI that learns your style.

AI at your service

Discover our suite of AI tools tailored specifically to meet the unique
requirements of real estate photographers.

before editing with ai
before editing with ai
Color Enhancement
Experience seamless visual perfection as our AI optimizes colors, exposure, and lighting in your photos. This allows you to deliver standout shots in any environment or at any time of day.
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HDR AI Photo Merge
Imagen automatically identifies differently exposed photos with the same bracket, and merges them into a single perfect shot.
before editing with ai
before editing with ai
Have your distorted photos fixed by adjusting camera angles and corrected perspective for a polished look.
before editing with ai
before editing with ai
Window Masking
Coming soon
Keep it real and ensure interior real estate photography authenticity by clearly capturing views through windows.
before editing with ai
before editing with ai
Sky Replacement
Coming soon
Boost the appeal of every exterior shot with a burst of perfect blue skies.

Tailored AI Profile

For a quick start, use our dedicated AI Profile 'Elegant Home' to improve each RAW or JPEG photo.

This will ensure optimal results by reducing shadows, correcting color imbalances, and maintaining natural, inviting lighting, customized for each photo's unique characteristics.

Additionally, create your own AI Profile for even more customized results.
before editing with ai
before editing with ai
  • 5 stars
    “...The simplicity and speed of Imagen-AI has made it my new go-to processing program. Imagen's AI is based on my prior photo edits (or someone whose style comes close to mine), I'm getting great results with my general-subject photography. And I can tweak any Imagen photo that isn't exactly what I want. As people say, what's not to like?“
    Tom Brown
    United States
  • 5 stars
    “I LOVE IMAGEN! First of all, I have found it to be the easiest AI editing app I've tried. It was easy and fast to get started and their prices are incredible. The edits come back within a few minutes and look great, 90% to where I need them to be which is pretty darn good if you've ever worked with an editor.“
    Katie O'Brien
    United States
  • 5 stars
    “Imagen is so accurate and fast that for the first time in well over a decade, I stay caught up before tomorrow's shoot even happens. This is a true game changer”
    Jen McLeod
  • 5 stars
    ...“Highly recommended to any photographer who wants to speed up the editing process of high loads of photographs. I've tried previously to outsource the editing with different companies, but Imagen-AI is without any doubt the best one! Great results, very competitive pricing, and the speed of editing unbeatable!”
  • 5 stars
    “There's nothing like Imagen. From the product to the service and the people behind it all, Imagen is by far the best investment I've made on my career! I looked for cheaper options as one does, but honestly this is the best quality for my buck. The time it saves me and the peace of mind the cloud backup now offers is astounding. I'm in love!”
    Ana Pereira
  • 5 stars
    “This is a game changer. I still do spent a bit of time tweaking my images after Imagen, but it is MINIMAL compared to what I was doing before. I honestly cannot even believe this exists!”
    Angela LaMonte

Frequently asked questions

  • AI tools in real estate photography can automate tasks like perspective correction, sky replacement, and HDR photo merge. Using Imagen or other AI tools for real estate agents and photographers can save you a lot of time and seamlessly enhance your house photos, making each property look its best.

  • Imagen's real estate photography editor offers AI-powered tools that streamline the editing process, from color and lightning enhancement to perspective correction, sky replacement and HDR merge. These features save time and enhance photo quality, helping your property listings stand out.

  • Imagen’s real estate photography editor is designed for both interior and exterior property listing pictures. It can help you automate and simplify your daily photo editing tasks, ensuring high-quality images that attract potential buyers and tenants.

  • Start for free, and take it for a spin before committing to a premium plan. For detailed information on the cost of Imagen's real estate photography editor and available plans, please visit our pricing page.

  • The HDR merging process blends a few photos with multiple exposures to achieve a single perfectly balanced image with detailed highlights and shadows. It is a great way to correct color imbalances and combine multiple indoor or outdoor house photos to ensure that the interior details, the windows, and the skies are correctly lit and look good together.

  • Real estate photo perspective correction means adjusting the angles and lines in your house photos to make them appear more realistic. Fixing perspective issues in house photography can lift your property listing images to attract more potential customers. You can manually correct perspective in real estate photos using tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom or let automated AI tools do it for you more easily and quickly.

  • Masking windows (or “window pull“) in real estate photos helps balance the exposure between the bright windows and darker interiors. You can use masking tools in Lightroom or Photoshop to achieve this, making the interior look evenly lit. Alternatively, you could use an AI real estate photography editor which includes window masking, and other useful tools for the best property listing photos possible.

  • Sky replacement involves changing the sky in a house or property photo to enhance its appeal and make it shine no matter the weather. You can replace the sky in Lightroom or Photoshop using their sky replacement features. This is particularly useful for photos taken on cloudy or overcast days.

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