Susan Stripling

Clean & Crisp

About Susan

As a former theatre performer, Susan’s love for weddings was born from her passion for a great story. She has always been drawn to dream worlds - be it in the pages of a good book or the 'three-act play' of an unfolding wedding day. 2020 taught Susan that she is more than just her business as she spent more time with her family, 2 dogs and 16 plants (and she’s always trying to find more space in her apartment to add just one more).

About Susan ’s AI Profile

Susan endeavours to always show accurately what it was like to be at the weddings she photographs at. The colors in her profile are true-to-life which will maintain all the natural beauty inherent in your photos with subtle added warmth and vibrance. There is noise reduction added to complement this clean look along with a subtle vignette to make the contents of the image stand-out more. You will notice blacks are reduced in the basics panel and shadows added in the tone curve. Yet darks are brightened to the mid-tones to ensure contrast. Blacks are reduced to compensate for lifted shadows but a balance is maintained so that shadows are not clipped. It’s the perfect base edit that will give your photos a crisp, clean and polished look or to simply start you off with to remedy the white balance and exposure across a collection of images as you evolve to create your own unique style.

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before and after Clean & Crisp
before and after Clean & Crisp
before and after Clean & Crisp
before and after Clean & Crisp
portrait fo a couple by Susan Stripling

“It’s amazing how much Imagen has sped up my workflow. The AI profile has been trained by my own editing - so it's like me...but WAY WAY faster!”

Susan Stripling//

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