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Based in Washington DC, Michelle has been a photographer since 2015. She fell in love with weddings after shooting her brother's backyard wedding. Alongside her photography, Michelle also runs a community with an emphasis on empowering female photographers to reach their full potential. In-between all of this, she also manages to squeeze in family, boudoir and branding photography.

About Michelle’s AI Profile

At its core, ‘Luxe Color’ is bright and vivid in tones and colors, while retaining skin tones across all races beautifully and consistently. Shadows are neutral in color with creamy, honey-tinted highlights and mint greens. There is nothing mattified with this edit, Michelle aims to show the light in every detail which will bring your 2-dimensional photos to life. A slight increase to the de-haze adds to this gorgeous texture inherent in the edit. Whites are super white and blacks are super black. The aim here is to bathe joyous occasions in a bright, summer glow even if that means losing some detail. Yellow luminance is increased to make the whites even brighter.

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Before and After editing with Luxe Color
Before and After editing with Luxe Color
Before and After editing with Luxe Color
Before and After editing with Luxe Color
Beautiful photo of a bride and groom outdoors taken by Michelle Harris

“My life can be overwhelming and chaotic at times with three kids but thanks to Imagen, my editing is always caught up. I am able to take that worry off of my plate and get my clients their photos ahead of time.”

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