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Tracey & Dee together make ‘37 Frames.’ The award-winning pair have been featured in publications such as Vogue yet still see their work still as a never-ending work in progress. Australian and Tasmanian born but based in Tokyo for over 20 years. Tokyo inspires them endlessly as a culture that respects so much of the traditional, while still forging ahead with visions of the future. This is just how they approach their photographic career. Their business name came from the 36 frames in a roll of film, but everyone always got one extra frame - that one last lucky shot. While they never forget their roots, they love this new age of photography that digital has ignited. They are always acquiring experiences, understanding, and skills and adding them to the growth and evolution of 37 Frames. Travelers, foodies and connoisseurs of every gin cocktail available. They are incessantly inspired and love nothing more than telling life’s most beautiful stories, wherever that may take them.

About 37 Frames’s AI Profile

Tracey and Dee have developed an inclusive style of editing. Less saturated and one that matches a wide range of skin tones and locations. It’s a Kodak Portra film hybrid with the pinker undertones of 160 film, medium saturation of 400 film with the medium contrast and fine grain of both. Although there is a nod to film, the edit has a contemporary, polished finish that will span a range of cultures, lighting and locations. Color emphasis is achieved in the HSL / color module and a small tweak of the calibration module. Oranges are de-emphasized for a creamier tone that suits a range of skin types. Greens are warmer in tone compared with the cool greens of the Fuji 400H film look. They have also taken the blue tones out of the shadows for a more natural color palette. A slightly semi-matte look lends itself to a romantic look and helps to create beautiful prints. They achieve this by reducing the highlights and pulling up the shadows to ensure details are visible. Consistency with these settings helps with cohesion across a range of light variations.

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Before and after The Modern Classic
Before and after The Modern Classic
Before and after The Modern Classic
Before and after The Modern Classic
Couple kissing on a mountain by 37 Frames

Imagen has been a game-changer - by learning our ‘tweaks’ over time our images are coming back to us, with all those post-base edit adjustments already done with all the different light situations and locations. The need for tweaking is becoming less and less frequent. It’s freed up more time than we could have ever imagined.

Tracey Taylor & Dee Green// 37 Frames

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