Elevate Your Wedding Photography with Imagen’s AI Profile Duplication Capability

By Susan Stripling

Last updated on 07/15/2024

If you’re a wedding photographer like I am, you know that editing takes up a lot of time. In my two decades of photographing weddings, I’ve edited hundreds of thousands of RAW files. 

The trouble is, I’m not just a wedding photographer. I’m a mom. A partner. A friend. Spending hours and hours per wedding hunched over my computer didn’t allow me to be anything other than a photographer who edits, and that wasn’t the life I wanted.

But I didn’t just shoot weddings. I photographed families, theater, and headshots. They were all so different and required different editing styles, some subtly different and some quite different. I was at a loss as to how to handle this workload.

That was before Imagen, and the photographer’s life after Imagen is a much different place!

A wedding couple outside during the golden hour from the Susan Stripling's wedding photography portfolio
Photo by Susan Stripling

About Imagen and Personal AI Profiles 

Imagen is an AI-powered photo editing and culling software tool that has revolutionized the way I do business. 

You teach Imagen your photo editing style by sharing images you’ve already edited in Lightroom, allowing it to analyze each of your edits and learn from your files. From there you simply upload your images to the Imagen app and let the magic happen. Once the edits are done you download them to Lightroom (or another Adobe Creative Cloud tool), having the opportunity then to make any tweaks or changes to the applied Imagen edits. Once you’re done, you can send your edits back to Imagen, and over time your profile will evolve with the feedback you have given.

This is your Imagen Personal AI Profile, and it’s just as magical as it sounds. These profiles are the core of Imagen’s technology, and they allow you to develop your unique editing style and have consistent, rapid results with your signature edits.

Introducing Profile Duplication In Imagen: A New Dimension in Personal AI Profiles

I have worked for a few years on fine-tuning my personal ideal wedding profile. Now I can send out a full wedding to Imagen and be done with the editing in mere hours. I barely have to touch any of the files for any reason, the Imagen AI editing is so precise and tailored.

That editing style doesn’t work for all of my jobs, though. Headshots in the studio are lit differently and edited differently to match the needs of my clients. Applying my wedding profile to my headshot work results in a lovely edit, yes, but not what I need for that type of job. It needs to be subtly tweaked every time, which negates the benefit of using that profile.

Enter Profile Duplication. Now I can duplicate my wedding profile, tweak it for my headshot work, and save it as a new profile. I don’t have to go all the way back and start over, which is a daunting prospect no matter how easy it is to do.

Another example is my theater work. I have documented showcases and student performances for a theatrical college in New York, and the images delivered need to be very straightforward with extreme accuracy in color and lighting. The base of my profile does this well, but my wedding edits are a bit more involved. Duplicating my profile can allow me to tweak this base to keep what works and remove the more “artistic” editing elements to allow my theater work to still be identifiably mine, but to meet the needs of those clients.

So the personal profile duplication allows me to customize my personal AI profile and tailor it to various projects, settings, or clients while maintaining my signature editing style.

A Couple Kissing photo from susan stripling's wedding photography portfolio
Photo by Susan Stripling

What are The Additional Benefits of Your Personal AI Profile Duplication?

There are also so many more benefits of Profile Duplication beyond just re-training a profile for a new type of session

What if you’d like to experiment with a new style of editing?

You can duplicate your profile and, with the Profile Adjustments tool, make your changes. For example, I’m adding black and white film to my wedding photography work and when I receive my film scans I want to tweak those scans before delivering them to my clients. That won’t be the same process as working with my wedding RAW files, so duplicating my profile and making edits just for those film scans is a great option.

Or, if you are just starting out in the photography business, you could simply experiment and play with different styles of wedding photography before sticking to a particular one.

Or if you could use Profile Duplication to back up your original profile before fine-tuning a new one?

For example, if I want to add warmth to my fall sessions with bright trees and foliage, I might not want to make those changes to my current profile. I can back up my current profile, and just make changes to a new one to meet those needs.

I am starting to think of so many ways that I will be implementing Profile Duplication into my photographic workflow and I’m really excited to explore them further. 

How To Try Imagen Profile Duplication?

If you’re anything like me, trying something new when you’re already busy feels a bit daunting. What I love about Imagen is that there isn’t anything difficult about any part of using this brilliant AI photography editing software.

Duplicate your personal AI editing profile in Imagen
Profile Duplication in Imagen

To duplicate a profile, all you need to do is go to the AI profiles page-> click on the three dots -> and choose duplicate. That’s it. You’re done. It really is that easy!

If you’d like a bit more help, you can find a detailed step-by-step guide in Imagen’s support article. Alternatively, you can always contact Imagen for help, which is something else that I love about them. They are so supportive and caring when it comes to customer support and troubleshooting any issue you might be having.

In Conclusion

I had no idea how valuable Profile Duplication would be until I really delved into the myriad of ways that I can further fine-tune every little element of every job I shoot. Creating Profile Duplication is just another step that Imagen has taken to solve all of the pain points that artists and professionals feel when it comes to photography editing styles, whether you’re photographing weddings, portraits, or anything else at all!

I truly encourage you to try out this remarkable feature and I look forward to hearing how Imagen continues to revolutionize your workflow!

susan striplingSusan Stripling has been photographing weddings, portraits, and theater for over twenty years. She has been named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine.

She is most honored to be named an Explorer of Light by Canon USA. In her spare time, besides spending time with her incredible family, Susan is a voracious reader, lover of all horror movies, and inexplicably sleeps with the lights on.

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