What Makes Imagen an Essential Editing & Culling Tool for Photographers?

By Anete Lusina

Last updated on 05/19/2024

Imagen is an Essential Editing & Culling Tool for Photographers
Imagen is an Essential Editing & Culling Tool for Photographers

As a photographer, you already know how essential photo editing is for your business, whether you shoot weddings, portraits, or products. But, it’s also time-consuming, and you can easily spend hours perfecting a gallery only to become “image blind.”

While you’re editing, you can’t work on your marketing or customer relations, and your camera sits idle. On the other hand, you don’t want to send an unfinished or blotched gallery. It’s a delicate balance creative business owners need to master.

But, there is a way you can trade those hours you spend culling photos after each shoot and then batch editing them for something better, like spending more time with family and friends, focusing on shoots and creativity, or just taking a well-deserved day off.

Let us show you how.

Automated  Photo Culling & Editing That Fits Your Photography

Our answer to improving your photography post-production workflow is Imagen, an all-in-one photo culling and batch editing app, that works with Adobe Lightroom Classic and automates those tedious and time-consuming tasks, saving you heaps of time, yet maintaining your signature artistic style and look.

Imagen is powered by AI and with the help of machine learning, this editing and photo culling software learns your personal editing style based on the photos you have already edited. Skip the back and forth with photo editors, trying to teach them your style, and go straight to getting your galleries done.

Imagen analyzes every photo like a human would, whether it’s a bridal portrait next to a window light or a barely-visible couple’s session in the blue hour in the mountains. This is possible because the software learns how you have edited challenging situations and adjusts settings, like white balance, tone, colors, and others, accordingly.

Quick and Straightforward Setup

Imagen works with Lightroom Classic to automate and streamline the photo culling and editing process
Imagen works with Lightroom Classic to automate and streamline the photo culling and editing process.

To get started with the Imagen app, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy learning curve. There are no complex tools or workflows to learn, either. It is as simple as uploading past Lightroom Classic catalogs to train the software.

If you’re relatively new to photography and don’t have enough photos to share with Imagen, you can use Talent AI Profiles. They consist of established industry professionals whose editing style you can instantly apply to your photos.

After Imagen has processed your photos, you can go back into Lightroom and make any final adjustments and touch-ups before exporting the gallery. That’s it – you can continue using your favorite Adobe Lightroom editing tools without learning new software.

How Our AI Photo Culling & Editing Software Helps Real Photographers

While the technology behind Imagen’s fast and accurate photo edits is impressive (and we could talk about it for hours), the software’s positive impact on photographers is at the heart of the company. Hearing their success stories inspires us to keep improving Imagen.

Award-winning Wedding Photographer Talks AI Batch Photo Editing

“Game changer,” “time-saver,” and “mind-blowing” are just a few of the kind words our users have shared in their reviews. One of our software users ,Oli Sansom, based in Australia, sat down with us to discuss how he uses Imagen for his ultimate workflow.

His photography revolves around people – weddings, documentary projects, portraiture, and editorial work. Editing is crucial for Oli, and although he often gives extra attention to some photos, he doesn’t want to sit 8 hours at his desk batch-editing.

“We spend so much of our time doing things that computers are just going to be better at – white balance correction, exposure adjustment – that’s where I realized a lot of my time was going, and it wasn’t the best use of time as a freelancer,” Oli told us.

Before he used the software, he hadn’t heard the phrase “artificial intelligence editing” but was keen to discover what it’s all about. Another reason for Oli’s curiosity was knowing the technology is still in its early days and will continue to improve as time goes on.

“It’s so much better than a human at many things,” was Oli’s first impression after putting a few galleries through the software and starting to teach it his style. “The AI is amazingly good. I don’t understand how it’s that good. But it is.”

For anyone who has doubts about letting the software take on such a vital part of their job, Oli shares his pragmatic approach. If he can give up control of a portion of his workflow, he can put more effort into what he delivers to his clients.

Half a day sprinkling on the fairy dust and making sure the gallery is bang on to be precise.

You can also use the time and energy gained elsewhere. Particularly since the photography industry has become more saturated and competitive, and it takes more than just great photos to succeed.

For Oli, that means spending more time on creative shoots, learning storytelling, image pairing, and curation, which help photographers stand out and build expertise as all-around creatives. You can also learn more about different aspects of running, growing, and promoting your photography business — like how to market your photography business, how to optimize and cut costs on photo editing or make additional income streams.

While Oli dreams one day Imagen will be built into a camera so he can focus only on capturing emotions and crafting visual stories, our technology has not quite reached that level yet.

However, if we can make life easier for photographers and, in so doing, inadvertently make their businesses more manageable and scalable, we’re already in a good place.

Our Podcast Guests Share Their Imagen Stories

Like Oli and many others who have left their reviews, the professional photographers we interview on our photography podcast echo similar sentiments after using Imagen.

For photographer Mike Dawkins, anything that saves him time is a “gold mine.” Mike Zawadzki, for instance, finds it invaluable to send a gallery to be edited while he does something else at the same time.

Using Imagen also helps him overcome the guilt of spending time with his fiance, family, or friends, knowing that the software takes care of the work for him in the background.

On the other hand, Neva Sullivan was initially hesitant to outsource her editing. But, after she got her first Imagen-edited gallery back, she was “blown away.”

Using the software helped her deliver all her November and December weddings within two weeks, even though her contract says eight weeks, pleasantly surprising her clients just in time for Christmas.

“We all want to impress, we all want to over-deliver, we all want our clients to love us. And, part of why I love having my business is just to be able to get that positive feedback and to give the gift of memories to clients — that’s what it’s all about”, Neva told Imagen.

Could one of these photographers’ stories be your own? Imagen offers 1,000 free AI photo edits, so there is no reason not to try it out if you consider saving yourself hours of editing time without compromising your style.

Our team is always available if you need assistance getting started or have questions about the software. We are all about building up the photography community and helping you succeed.

Are you ready to get back hours of your time?

Imagen the possibilities.

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