Elevating AI Photo Editing: Nicole Ashley on Imagen’s New Smooth Skin Tool

By Natalie Lee

Last updated on 07/15/2024

At Imagen, we’re continually pushing the boundaries of AI photo editing technology to empower photographers with tools that are not just innovative but transformative. Our latest innovation, the new Smooth Skin tool, is a testament to this commitment. Designed to revolutionize yet another step in the photo editing process, this tool seamlessly combines time-saving efficiency with artistic control, enabling photographers to craft the perfect balance of natural and enhanced beauty that can be adjusted to their liking.

Transforming the Creative Workflow

Nicole Ashley on Imagen Smooth Skin AI Photo Editing ToolNicole Ashley, a renowned portrait, boudoir, and wedding photographer who is considered a master at retouching and lighting shares her firsthand experience with the impact of Imagen’s AI photo editing solutions on her work. “Imagen has truly transformed my creative workflow,” Ashley explains. Balancing a bustling career with her responsibilities as a mother, she values efficiency without compromising on quality. “What used to take me hours is now accomplished in a fraction of the time,” she notes, highlighting how Imagen’s ability to analyze and enhance photos with remarkable personalized precision and consistency has redefined productivity in her professional life.

The Smooth Skin AI Tool: A Game-Changer

When first introduced to the Smooth Skin tool, Ashley admits to skepticism, unsure of how it would perform across multiple photos. Her initial doubts were quickly dispelled: “I was blown away by how good the technology is.” This feature stands out for its ability to deliver quality skin smoothing at scale, transforming the retouching process into a more efficient and controlled experience.

“I love that it allows me to adjust masks after the application depending on the clients’ base skin and how it speeds up the retouching time while still giving me control,” Ashley says. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining the subjects’ natural beauty, a core principle in Ashley’s work and a common value among photographers dedicated to authenticity.

Nicole Ashley for Imagen Smooth Skin Before and After
Photo by Nicole Ashley Photography

Maintaining Natural Beauty and Client Satisfaction

Achieving a balance between natural and enhanced skin is paramount for Ashley, who is also a sought after educator known for her expertise in maintaining a natural look in her photos. “It is very important to me,” she states, “I like to refer to my original files to make sure I have not pushed the retouching too far”, emphasizing the care taken to ensure her editing never strays from the authentic beauty of her subjects. The Smooth Skin tool supports this balance, offering adjustable settings to cater to individual client needs.

Feedback from clients have remained overwhelmingly positive, “The best part is that it very much so mimics my extensive work but allows me to get my retouching done faster,” Ashley shares, confirming the tool’s success in enhancing her workflow without compromising the quality or authenticity of her work.

Conclusion: Imagen’s Commitment to Innovation

At Imagen, we believe in creating tools that not only meet the evolving needs of professional photographers but also inspire them to explore new creative horizons. The Smooth Skin AI tool is a reflection of this belief, offering a blend of speed, precision, and artistic freedom that sets a new standard in AI photo editing and culling workflow.

We’re dedicated to supporting photographers like Nicole Ashley in their pursuit of excellence and efficiency. By integrating Imagen’s AI-powered solutions into your workflow, you’re not just keeping up with the pace of technology — you’re setting the pace in the photography industry.

Discover more about how Imagen’s AI photo editing solutions can transform your creative process on our Product page and explore further insights on future-forward photography on our Blog.

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