New Tools for Enhanced Photography | Imagen’s Q2 2024 Update

By Denis Iankovski

Last updated on 07/08/2024

Imagen, the AI-powered photography post-production software, is excited to announce a series of new features and updates designed to improve your workflow and improve your creative process. Our commitment to empowering photographers with powerful tools and seamless workflows continues as we introduce these updates.

In this post, we’ll explore our latest product updates from Q2 2024, created to boost your photography experience. Let’s dig in!

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Profile Adjustments Preview: Precision Made Simple

In a Nutshell:  The real-time preview of profile adjustments reduces guesswork, improving efficiency and precision in editing.

Profile adjustments - Imagen Q2 product updates

Profile Adjustments just got a significant upgrade with our new real-time preview feature. This allows you to see the changes you make instantly, ensuring your edits are precise and exactly how you envision them. No more back-and-forth adjustments — just efficient, accurate editing.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Fine-tuning edits: Instantly see the impact of your adjustments for more accurate editing.
  • Workflow efficiency: Save time with less trial and error in your editing process.
  • Creative Control: Achieve the exact look you want with real-time feedback on adjustments.

See how it works

Imagen for Real Estate: Transforming Property Photography

In a Nutshell: HDR Merge and Perspective Correction will optimize your real estate photography, eliminating the need for outsourcing and time-consuming edits.

HDR Merge for real estate photography - Imagen Q2 product updates

Real estate photographers, rejoice! With our HDR Merge and Perspective Correction features, your property shots will shine in any weather condition, ensuring the most flattering listing images possible.

These tools simplify your workflow, making it smoother and more efficient, while ensuring high-quality results without the need for outsourcing and time-consuming manual edits.

What Can You Use It For:

  • HDR Merge: Combine multiple exposures for perfectly balanced real estate photos.
  • Perspective Correction: Ensure straight lines and correct distortions for professional-looking images.

Choose “Real Estate” upon creating a new editing project in the app to discover the new “Elegant Home” AI Profile

More exciting real estate photography features are coming soon: Look forward to Sky Replacement and Window Masking (window pull) for even more control and creativity in your real estate photography!


Window masking for real estate - Imagen Q2 product update

A Brand New In-App Notification Center: Stay Informed

In a Nutshell: The new notification center keeps you updated on project statuses, billing, new features, and more.

In-App Notification Center - Imagen Q2 product updates


Stay informed with our brand-new in-app notification center. From project status updates and billing information to announcements about new features: everything you need to know is just a click away. Look out for the bell icon in the Imagen app to stay updated.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Project updates: Get real-time updates on your ongoing projects.
  • Billing information: Stay on top of your billing and account details.
  • Feature announcements: Be the first to know about new features and updates.

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A New Way to Grow Your Business: Instagram Analyzer Tool

In a Nutshell: Optimize your business account with personalized marketing tips using our free Instagram Analyzer tool.

IG Analyzer - Imagen Q2 product updates

We’re thrilled to introduce our free Instagram Analyzer tool for photographers — a powerful new tool designed to help you grow your business by monetizing your photography Instagram account.

This tool provides personalized tips for optimizing your photography profile, helping you expand your business account’s visibility and reach. Get valuable marketing insights to grow your business and attract more clients.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Profile optimization: Get tailored advice to perfect your Instagram profile.
  • Marketing tips: Receive actionable tips to improve your social media presence.
  • Business growth: Expand your reach and attract more potential clients.

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Coming Soon

Major Culling Improvements: Streamline Your Photo Selection

In a Nutshell: New Culling Studio features offer greater control and efficiency in reviewing and selecting photos.

Low rating culling - Imagen Q2 product updates

Significant improvements are coming to our culling process, making it easier and more efficient than ever.

  • Enhanced review options: Choose how to review your edited photos after culling — either add them to a Lightroom Classic catalog or move/copy them to a new folder.
  • Low-rating feature: See all low-rated photos at once, such as blurry, unfocused, or overexposed shots, and decide which ones to keep.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Even more efficient workflow: Streamline your review process with customizable options.
  • Easy quality control: Easily identify and manage low-rated photos to ensure only the best shots are kept.
  • Save extra time: Reduce the time spent manually sorting through photos with improved culling tools.

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New Talent AI Profiles

In a Nutshell: Also coming up are some new Talent AI Profiles from industry-leading photographers that you can draw inspiration from and create with.

New Talent AI Profiles - Imagen Q2 product updates
Keep an eye out for the Talent AI Profiles updates in the app.

Recap On The Imagen’s Photography Post Production AI Suite Latest Product Updates

It’s been a busy and productive few months at Imagen, and our team has been working hard to keep bringing you the most advanced tools and innovative features on the market to advance your photography workflow and boost your photography business.

From real-time profile adjustments to major culling improvements, we’ve designed these updates to save you time, improve your creative process, and deliver outstanding results. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our product aim to make your post-production workflow smoother and more efficient.

By using these new features, photographers can optimize their workflow, explore new creative possibilities, and achieve exceptional results with Imagen. We remain committed to supporting the photography community with continuous improvements and innovative solutions.

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