Exploring The Latest Imagen AI Photo Editing & Culling Software Updates: Q1 2024

By Denis Iankovski

Last updated on 07/15/2024

Imagen is the leading AI-powered photography post-production platform, and over the first quarter of this year, our team has rolled out a series of updates to streamline processes and enhance creative possibilities.

At Imagen, we’re dedicated to empowering photographers with the essential post-production tools designed around the needs and requests we get from our global photographers community. Our ultimate vision is simple yet ambitious: to support every step of the photographer’s post-production workflow, from capturing the perfect shot to delivering stunning final images to clients. Working towards this goal, Imagen continues to evolve into a one-stop workspace for photographers seeking efficiency, creativity, and seamless workflows.

In this article, we’ll overview our latest product updates from the last quarter, designed to elevate your photography experience, enhance your creative process, and unlock new possibilities in post-production. So let’s dive right in!

HDR Merge: Elevating Real Estate Photography

In a Nutshell: HDR photo merging capability enhances commercial real estate photography editing by balancing exposures and detailing interior spaces. It ensures vibrant, high-quality visuals for property listings.

Imagen - AI HDR merge for real estate photography

Real estate photographers rejoice! Imagen now offers HDR Merge — a unique AI tool that merges images with varying exposures into a single, detailed photo. This feature enhances space detailing, ensuring captivating real estate visuals effortlessly and at no extra cost — both for interior and exterior real estate photography.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Real Estate Listings: Showcase properties with balanced exposures and enhanced details.
  • Interior Photography: Deal with the white windows and highlight intricate details in architectural and interior shots.
  • Enhanced Visuals: Create captivating photos that stand out in competitive real estate markets with that eye-catching twilight real estate photography lighting.

Learn more about Imagen’s HDR Merge

Duplicate a Profile: Versatility & Experiments

In a Nutshell: Creating multiple variations of AI profiles provides flexibility for different projects and styles. It allows photographers to experiment without altering the original profile.

Duplicate Imagen personal AI editing profile

Imagen now offers the ability to duplicate Personal AI Profiles, opening up new avenues for experimentation and style exploration. Whether you’re fine-tuning your photo editing style and preferences or venturing into different creative directions, duplicating profiles provides a reliable backup while encouraging creative freedom. Try out multiple variations and share your unique use cases with us!

What Can You Use It For:

  • Style Exploration: Duplicate profiles to experiment with different editing styles while retaining the original as a reference.
  • Client Projects: Customize profiles for specific client preferences without affecting the main profile.
  • Backup and Security: Duplicating profiles ensures backups for critical editing workflows. 

Learn more about how to use Imagen’s Duplicated Profiles 

Smooth Skin: Enhancing Portraits Effortlessly

In a Nutshell: Achieving soft skin tones and balanced complexion in portraits is essential for professional photographers. Imagen’s Smooth Skin feature simplifies this process, allowing photographers to enhance subjects’ complexion while maintaining a natural look.

Smooth skin and optimal complexion balance with Imagen AI editing software for photographers

The next on our updates list is the “Smooth Skin” feature  —  a quick and efficient way to achieve natural beauty and complexion in portraits. With just a single click, photographers can adjust skin texture, clarity, and sharpness to achieve the desired look. This tool not only saves time but also allows you to customize and adjust your preferences, to ensure stunning results, and focus more on capturing moments and less on post-processing.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Portrait Photography: Perfect skin texture enhances the overall appeal of portraits, making subjects look their best.
  • Wedding, Beauty, and Fashion Photography: Smooth skin is crucial in beauty, weddings, and fashion shots, where close-ups highlight details.
  • Time-Saving: Enhancing skin with a single click saves valuable editing time, allowing photographers to focus on creative aspects.

Learn more about how to use Imagen’s Smooth Skin 

Culling Selection Algorithm Improvements: Enhanced Face Evaluation

In a Nutshell: Accurate subject, face, and eye detection leads to better culling decisions, enhancing workflow efficiency and precision. Imagen’s algorithmic enhancements prioritize flattering expressions and features.Imagen AI photo culling updated selection algorithm

Experience up to 10% better photography culling results with Imagen’s improved AI face evaluation algorithm. Beyond assessing open/closed eyes and emotional expressions, the platform now considers flattering facial expressions, resulting in more accurate selections. This enhancement is a game-changer for photographers seeking precision and efficiency in their photo culling process.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Wedding & Event Photography: Efficiently select photos with flattering facial expressions for event coverage.
  • Portrait Sessions: Identify the best shots based on facial clarity, emotion, and focus.
  • Time-Saving: Improved algorithms reduce manual review time, speeding up the culling process.

Learn more about how to use Imagen’s updated AI Culling Studio

Auto-Delete Catalog Recovery: Smart Space Management

In a Nutshell: Managing catalog backups efficiently optimizes storage space and ensures streamlined workflows. It reduces manual cleanup tasks, improving overall productivity.

Imagen cloud backup storage - auto delete catalog recovery 

Catalog backups just got smarter with Imagen. The platform automatically saves local backups when downloading edits, giving you the flexibility to review and confirm changes before reclaiming storage space. Now Imagen also optimizes your photography backup workflow efficiency without sacrificing data security by automatically deleting backups after 30 days (configurable in your account settings).

What Can You Use It For:

  • Storage Optimization: Automatically deleting backups after 30 days reduces clutter and storage costs.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Focus on editing without worrying about manual catalog management.
  • Data Security: Secure data management with automatic backups and cleanup. 

Learn more about how to manage Imagen’s Catalogs Backups

Retain Original Crop: Preserving Artistic Intent

In a Nutshell: Preserving the photographer’s intended composition ensures artistic integrity throughout the editing process. It minimizes unexpected changes to photo layouts.

Imagen's automated AI photo cropping allows to retain original crop

Imagen’s update now retains the original crop of photos sent for editing, maintaining the photographer’s artistic intent. No more unexpected cropping  —  whether it’s the initial shot composition or customized edits, Imagen ensures that your vision remains intact throughout the editing process.

What Can You Use It For:

  • Artistic Control: Maintain the original framing and composition as intended by the photographer.
  • Custom Cropping: Retain custom crops applied before sending photos for editing.
  • Workflow Consistency: Consistent cropping reduces rework and ensures efficient editing. 

Learn more about how to retain the original crop selections when editing with Imagen 

Recap On The Imagen’s Photography Post Production AI Suite Latest Product Updates

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to streamline your process or a hobbyist wanting to elevate your photos, Imagen’s team is constantly working to add and upgrade the platform for our photography community‘s needs.

By embracing these innovations, photographers can optimize their workflow, elevate creative possibilities, and achieve exceptional results with Imagen. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and support the photography community.

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  • APIs Beta: Automation for High-Volume Workflows

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