The power of clear communication in a headshot photography business

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 06/13/2024

In this episode of Workflows, our guest, Seshu, shares invaluable insights on how clear communication with clients can be a game-changer for your headshot photography business. By communicating effectively ahead of time and setting clear expectations, Seshu has not only saved time but also increased his revenue.

Discover how an open line of communication can lead to client satisfaction and trust, resulting in repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. Seshu emphasizes the importance of providing clear directions to clients before their sessions, such as what to wear, what to bring, and even how to prepare mentally and physically for the shoot.

Learn how Seshu has implemented communication strategies to avoid potential mishaps, like clients showing up with sunburns or inappropriate outfits that clash with the background. By establishing clear guidelines and offering options, clients feel more confident and are better prepared for their sessions.

If you want to hear more from Seshu, tune in to the complete episode on your preferred podcast platform, or on the official Workflows podcast page.

You’ll gain practical tips on:

  • The importance of pre-session communication for setting expectations
  • How to guide and educate clients on outfits and preparation
  • Creating a comfortable and reassuring experience for your clients
  • Maximizing your sales potential without pressuring clients into unnecessary purchases
  • Building trust and long-lasting relationships with your clients

If you’re ready to streamline your business workflows and enhance client satisfaction, don’t miss out on the valuable advice and proven strategies shared by Seshu.

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