Why Seeking Help is the Ultimate Game-Changer for Your Photography Business

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 03/24/2024

Taylor Jackson has built an incredible business for himself over his career as a photographer. By creating a popular YouTube channel, he has, in turn, incorporated video into his regular wedding photography jobs, and offers hybrid video/photo services to his clients.

When asked what he has done in his business workflows to save time or money, his answer was an attention grabber.

Taylor shares how, by strategically hiring a bookkeeper and a video editor, he was able to transform his workflow and buy back precious time. He discovered why investing in hiring may not directly generate revenue but can actually result in significant savings and boost overall productivity (and as you know, time is also money).

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a photography business owner, you find the areas in which you need to delegate tasks that take up valuable time and energy to someone else, allowing you to focus on what you truly love doing.

In the full episode of Workflows with Taylor Jackson you’ll learn about his early struggles as a photographer before the advent of convenient editing software like Lightroom Classic. Discover how he tackled the time-consuming and inconsistent post-production process, leading him to make the smart decision of hiring an editor in year two of his business.

He shares the keys to building an efficient hiring process, and valuable insights like finding the right time to start bringing others into your business.

If you want to hear more from Taylor, tune in to the complete episode on your preferred podcast platform , or on the official Workflows podcast page.

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