Sep 01, 2023

Workflows with Taylor Jackson

In this episode, Scott speaks with wedding photographer, YouTuber, and educator, Taylor Jackson about his photographic and photography business workflows.

Taylor started his creative journey with music photography, capturing images of bands he admired. However, his knack for photography didn’t stay hidden for long. Friends started requesting him to cover their wedding days, igniting his passion for candid wedding photography, a niche he now excels in with over 90% of his wedding projects being entirely candid.

He’s a trailblazer in the industry, being the first photographer in the world to offer both photography and highlight film coverage singlehandedly. It’s no wonder then, that 80% of couples hire him for both services. Over the past 15 years, he has photographed over 600 weddings, primarily in the Waterloo area, and has also been featured in over 40 different wedding and photography magazines globally.

In his personal life, Taylor is married to the lovely Lindsay Coulter and is a father to named Richard.

Episode Summary

In this episode of Workflows, host Scott Wyden sits down with special guest Taylor Jackson, a highly experienced wedding photographer known for his candid and heartfelt photography. Join them as they discuss Taylor’s workflow strategies and how they have helped him decrease stress and increase productivity in his photography business. From processing and turning around galleries quickly to utilizing the Imagine platform for consistent and efficient workflow, Taylor shares valuable insights and practical tips that any photographer can benefit from. Tune in to discover how Taylor’s streamlined approach has transformed his business and allowed him to capture memorable moments for his clients.

Here are 5 key lessons from their conversation:

1. The Power of Quick Turnaround: Taylor emphasizes the importance of processing and delivering wedding galleries promptly. By making it a game and turning around galleries quickly, he reduces stress and ensures his clients receive their photos in a timely manner. Learn how his fast workflow has become a game-changer for his business.

2. The Ultimate Workflow Solution: Discover how Imagen has revolutionized Taylor’s workflow. With its fast processing and consistent gallery delivery, Imagen has helped Taylor clear out workflow problems, reduce backlogs, and enjoy a stress-free life.

3. The Importance of Quick Image Reviews: Taylor shares his process of reviewing photos the morning after the wedding to ensure quality. By swiftly assessing and curating the images, he maintains a high standard for his work and delivers a final gallery that wows his clients.

4. The Trend of Quick Turnaround in Wedding Photography: As the industry evolves, Taylor notes that quick turnaround has become the standard in wedding photography. Learn how meeting this expectation benefits your business and reduces stress levels, setting you apart from the competition.

5. The Future of Photography Workflow: Taylor envisions a future where cameras incorporate iOS or Android, enabling automatic culling, selection, editing, and immediate gallery uploads. However, he raises concerns about the potential devaluation of photography and emphasizes the importance of developing a personal brand and standing out in a competitive industry.

Join Scott and Taylor for this lively and informative conversation about wedding photography workflows. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this episode of Workflows will inspire you to enhance your productivity and create better work for your clients.

Discussed in this episode

  • Decrease in stress after weddings and the importance of completing tasks
  • Turning around galleries quickly as a game and its benefits
  • Improved consistency and better customer service
  • Clearing out workflow problems and reducing backlogs
  • Sending preview images to couples soon after the wedding
  • Relationship between online booking and all-in-one venues
  • Desire for a camera that can automate culling, selecting, and editing
  • Predictions for future camera technology and integration with smartphone platforms
  • Services that generate headshot-style images from a few photos
  • Use of AI-generated images by photographers and ethical considerations
  • Changes in lead generation process by making pricing public
  • Benefits of fewer but more serious inquiries
  • Decrease in email communication with clients
  • Use of video content to showcase authenticity
  • Workflow improvements with Lightroom preset and AI Profiles
  • Decreased popularity of engagement sessions
  • Workflow for shooting and data backup
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