7 Best AI Assistant Tools for Photographers To Simplify Your Daily Business Grind

By Denis Iankovski

Last updated on 07/08/2024

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) first started infiltrating professional photography, it initially stirred many concerns about creative control and ownership. But those worries gradually transformed into a narrative of collaboration and innovation when we experienced its real value. Now AI tools are automating the photography business’ most time-consuming and repetitive aspects. We can now clearly envision AI tools as invaluable partners in photo creation and post-production.

A detailed exploration by Geek Wire shows that the evolving relationship between art and technology, similar to AI, continues to progress. Let’s explore seven of the best photography business tools and software enhanced by AI that help us more easily tackle different aspects and challenges of the photographers’ workflow, and represent the future of photography going forward.

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7 Best AI Tools For a Faster and Easier Photography Business Workflow

We talked with photographers and scraped a shortlist of the top 7 online apps and AI tools to help you optimize and grow your digital photography business.

Imagen – Best AI Post-production Tool for Photographers

In a nutshell: The fastest way to cull & batch edit photos with an AI photo editor that learns and mimics your style.

Imagen’s AI photography software simplifies and streamlines your post-production workflow by automating and reimagining the processes for photo culling, and batch-editing in your personal style, including subject masking, cropping, retouching, and color correction, as well as the cloud backup and storage capabilities — all in the same app.

Imagen is your ultimate post-production AI assistant tool bringing you an intuitive, future-forward workflow experience without ever leaving the app. With the Imagen Culling Studio, you can automate and streamline the photo selection process with a smart AI algorithm. Try the Cull Edited Previews approach and review your project with your favorite AI Profile already applied for the most optimal culling experience. Then, continue directly to editing the selected photos in one click by applying your personal predefined editing style – or AI Profile. 

Imagen leverages a smart proprietary AI algorithm that analyzes photos you’ve already edited in Adobe Lightroom or Creative Cloud Suite, to learn your personal editing style and create your Personal AI Profile. You can then quickly apply it to your projects in less than half a second per photo. Imagen’s advanced image recognition understands the specific characteristics and requirements of each photo (unlike the one-size-fits-all Lightroom presets), and adjusts its parameters based on past edits and settings – whether it’s fixing overexposure, cropping and straightening the composition, correcting color, or smoothing out the subjects’ skin.

Imagen’s AI algorithms enhance and accelerate your workflow, giving you the freedom to fine-tune results in Lightroom. Your Imagen AI Profile will also keep growing and evolving alongside you, as long as you keep feeding it with your tweaks and final edits, to fine-tune its settings and make the final results even more accurate with time.

This tool’s adaptability to individual styles, combined with speed and automation capabilities — make it invaluable and essential for professional photographers. With pay-as-you-go or annual plans to choose from, you get flexibility that aligns with varying project requirements.

Key Features:

  • Imagen Culling Studio: Save hours of your workflow with the recently updated Imagen’s AI Culling software, which utilizes advanced AI algorithms to select and organize images based on specific criteria intelligently. Detect blinks, kisses, blurry images, and more, presenting them for your review with unparalleled efficiency, and the revolutionary “Cull Edited Previews” capability.

  • Imagen’s AI-Powered Personalized Editing: Transform and speed up your batch editing process with Imagen’s AI Editing solution, which employs smart AI algorithms and deep learning to study your personal editing style and implement it on future projects. Batch edit photos in under 0.5 seconds per photo, ensuring consistent, accurate, and personalized results every time. Imagen’s Editing also provides a suite of additional AI Tools to enhance your editing capabilities even further, including:

          – Crop

          – Straighten

          – Subject Mask

          – Smooth Skin 

  • Imagen Cloud Storage: Effortlessly back up your projects with Imagen’s cloud-based storage solution, that seamlessly integrates with the Imagen workflow. Rest easy knowing your precious photos are being securely backed up in the background while you cull and edit, allowing you to focus on your creative process.

All these essential features get activated by simply opting in when you start the editing process, and allow for effortless composition enhancement, horizon correction, subject selection, and skin smoothing in bulk, providing photographers with unparalleled creative control.

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Pic-Time – Best AI Tool for Client Proofing, Gallery Delivery, & Selling Online

Pic-Time  - Best AI Gallery Tool for Photographers
Image Source & Credit: Pic-Time

In a nutshell: The best tool to showcase your photography portfolio, deliver the final galleries to clients, and sell your work online.

Pic-Time is a suite of tools for photographers that simplify photo delivery, amplify the visual experience, and maximize your photography business potential. With smart algorithms, Pic-Time combines gallery and online store capabilities, offering a wide set of photography tools for efficiency, design, and a built-in automated marketing platform for your business.

Pic-Time offers one of the best solutions for sharing photos with clients. This photography AI tool helps you create beautiful client galleries for photo proofing and delivery. Additionally, if you were wondering how to sell prints as a photographer — PicTime also provides a great marketplace to share and sell your images online.

Photographers can craft their client’s journey with unique photo grids that provide an edge to your storytelling, enhance your brand experience online, and offer a great way to sell prints online as a photographer.

Key Features:

  • Art Gallery & Online Store: This is probably one of the best online galleries for photographers and your personal space to build your portfolio, introduce yourself, showcase, and sell your artwork. If anyone asks you how to sell prints as a photographer – this is the answer.
  • Marketing Automation: Pic-Time’s automated campaigns offer sales tools to simplify and streamline your online marketing campaigns, publish photos, and sell more prints in a seamless, time-saving way.
  • Automated Photo Blogs: Have you ever wondered how to start a photography blog? Pic-Time got you covered. Quickly create blog posts right within your gallery workflow, no need to upload images twice! Simply select photos from your galleries, and our blog editor will automatically place the images in the optimal layout.
  • Slideshows: Increase traffic and sales while elevating your brand and adding an emotional attachment to your images. Use slideshows in your galleries, download or embed them, and even share them to your Instagram stories with our special vertical format.
  • Album Builder: A unique feature to Pic-Time, allowing you or your client to create, design, and print a complete artisan album directly within the gallery.

HoneyBook – Best AI Tool for Photography Business Invoicing

HoneyBook - Best AI Invoicing tool for photographers
Image Source & Credit: HoneyBook

In a nutshell: The best AI assistant tool to run your photography business invoicing, payments, and bookkeeping online.

HoneyBook simplifies client interactions by centralizing essential business functions like invoicing, drafting contracts for wedding photography sessions, and communication tools. You can also automate administrative tasks and focus on the creative aspects of your work.

HoneyBook is a user-friendly AI-powered tool for photographers that offers a range of features. It simplifies client management and automates invoicing. The tiered pricing structure also caters to different business sizes and needs. 

Key Features:

  • Effortless Online Proposals: Combine invoicing, contracting, and payments in one. This integration offers your clients a smooth transaction and increases your business’s revenue.

  • Easy-to-create Online Contracts: Generate, tailor, and electronically sign contracts that propel your business operations forward.

  • Quick Online Invoices: Streamline your invoicing for quicker payments and enhanced customer interactions.

  • Seamless Online Payments: Process payments from all major credit/debit cards and bank transfers, ensuring a fluid experience for your clients.

  • Smart Customizable Automations: Set up automated sequences of messages, documents, and tasks that operate on your command and trigger at the perfect moment.

Focal – Best AI Photography Tool for Bookings & Business Management

Focal - Best AI Tool for Photography Business Bookings
Image Source & Credit: Focal

In a nutshell: The best AI-powered platform to manage your photography business bookings and customer communications online.

Focal is a bookings, scheduling, and business automation platform with a comprehensive tool suite to support photographers at every step of their business, from aspiring newcomers to seasoned professionals.

The Focal AI assistant tool provides a complete business management platform tailored specifically for photographers. From daily task management to scheduling photoshoot bookings and interacting with clients to blogging, delivering final galleries, and analyzing your photo business performance — you are covered with this AI tool.

Focal’s platform offers all the tools you need to build your online brand and run your photography business efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Streamline Your Online Bookings: The specially designed booking system simplifies the experience for both you and your photography clients, making it easier than ever to pay, share contracts and questionnaires, and view payments.

  • Easily Build Your Professional Website: The automated website builder makes it easy for you to create a beautiful-looking photography portfolio website for your business. Alternatively, you can choose to utilize their Pro Setup service and have the website built for you by experts, if you don’t have the time to work on your site.

  • Promote Your Photography Business With a Simple AI Blog Generator: Focal’s AI-powered blogging feature takes the hassle out of content creation and SEO optimization. With smart suggestions and automated processes, you can effortlessly maintain an engaging blog optimized for search engines, to attract new photography customers and keep your existing audience captivated.

Fathom – Best Notetaking & Meeting Summarizing Assistant AI Tool for Photographers

Fathom - Best AI Assistant Tool for Photography Business Meetings
Image Source & Credit: Fathom

In a nutshell: The best AI virtual assistant tool to manage your photography business meetings, and organize your notes.

Fathom provides photographers and agencies with the ability to automatically record and transcribe meetings with customers, summarizing the key points, and simplifying note-taking and follow-ups. This AI assistant tool simplifies quick access to organized summaries and action items, which integrate seamlessly with CRMs, enhancing team efficiency and communication.

Photographers and other small business owners praise the Fathom AI assistant tool for freeing their time and focus to dive deep into conversations with the clientele, and turning meeting chaos into clarity and action.

Key Features:

  • Automated Note-Taking: Fathom AI tool transcribes and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation with your photography clients.

  • Automated Post-Meeting Data Entry: Fathom automatically syncs meeting summaries & tasks to your CRM platforms like Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce, and others. 

  • Automated Clip Creation: With Fathom you can share clips from specific parts of your meetings. Great to drop in Slack for context.

  • Integration With Other Communication Tools: Copy/paste your summaries & action items to Slack, Google Docs, Gmail, or your favorite Task Manager.

Later – Best for Photography Business Social Media Management

Later - Best AI Social Media Tool for Photographers
Image Source & Credit: Later

In a nutshell: The best digital marketing and planner tool to help you effectively showcase your art on social media, and promote your photography business online.

The Later AI assistant tool simplifies digital marketing for photographers and social media management by offering a comprehensive toolkit to automate content creation, tracking, management, and scheduling of your social media posts. It includes a content calendar, recycling, and audience targeting.

Later is effective in automating social media tasks while also helping you customize your work and maintain a consistent online presence without compromising on personal touch when interacting with clients.

This AI social media management and digital marketing tool improves engagement by targeting specific audiences, making sure that your social media strategy aligns with your photography business brand. 

Key Features:

  • Content Creation & AI Caption Writer: Effortlessly design and tailor content for various social media platforms all in one central location.

  • Social Media Tools & Analytics: Access valuable data from a single dashboard to pinpoint areas for enhancement and recognize smart niches and ideas for your photography business marketing.

  • Simply Publication Scheduling: Utilize the automated social media publisher to plan and schedule your posts ahead of time, add your own content, or source relevant, on-brand UGC to publish to your feed.

  • Easy Online Marketing: Create a fully customizable bio link web page. Drive traffic from your Instagram & TikTok bio to your blog, YouTube videos, online shop, and more.

Peakto by Cyme – Best AI Cataloger & Photo Organizer Tool

Peakto  - Best AI Photo Management Software Tool
Image Source & Credit: Later

In a nutshell: The best AI tool to efficiently catalog, organize, and repurpose your large photo archives.

Peakto is a universal cataloger for your photography archives and folders, compatible with Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One, DxO, Pixelmator, and many other tools.

This AI assistant tool allows photographers to easily categorize and organize their entire digital catalogs in one place. The Peakto provides photographers with handy searching, filtering, and tagging, so you can always quickly locate and repurpose your best shots and images, even if they are years old.

You can even simply type in a description of the photo you are looking for, and Peakto will scan your entire library to find the matching results.

Key Features:

  • Search by Similarity or AI Suggestions: Effortlessly find all images that share a common characteristic, such as ISO setting, date, or lens, or discover images similar to a specific image with the help of Peakto’s AI.

  • Modification History & Version Control: Quickly retrieve all versions of a shot across catalogs and exported files.

  • Cross-app Photo Annotation: Seamlessly assign a rating, color, or captions to any image linked to Peakto, no matter where it is.

  • Automatic Image Sorting: AI automatically categorizes your pictures by their content, and allows you to create albums with sub-folders, even if images are in different locations.

  • Smart Multi-source Albums: Create custom photo collections based on a variety of dynamic criteria, even with photos from different hard-drive, cloud, or photo editing apps.

  • Automatic Keywording & Meta-tagging: Peakto’s AI tool automatically attributes keywords to your photos based on their content, as well as the relevant metadata, such as author, copyright, location, date, keywords, and more. 

Utilize AI Photography Software to Enhance Your Creative & Business Workflows

As artificial intelligence continues advancing into creative fields, photographers now have access to a powerful set of AI-powered photography business tools. These tools for photographers are transforming efficiency for modern image-makers by automating tedious tasks like batch editing in Lightroom and saving heaps of time on smart photo culling through your catalogs.

Leading solutions like Imagen, Honeybook, and Pic-Time integrate seamless AI to simplify photo post-processing, client communication, photography business management, and design of shareable content. By leveraging machine learning for repetitive jobs, you can create an efficient and effortless photographer workflow, and devote more energy to the artful aspects of your work, or figuring how to book more photography clients, not how to catch up on your backlog.

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What’s Your Favorite Photography Assistant AI Tool? 

Advanced AI photo assistants offer invaluable support in quick and effortless photo culling, intelligent editing, seamless photoshoot scheduling, and audience engagement. Assembling a toolkit of smart apps will refine and streamline your photography workflow from start to finish, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a human assistant for your team or outsourcing your editing.

Among these apps, Imagen stands out as the best overall photography tool because it seamlessly learns and adapts to your editing style, ensuring a personalized touch to every image. By embracing a tailored mix of these solutions, AI will become a catalyst for your creativity rather than a constraint.

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