Oct 01, 2023

Workflows with Seshu Badrinath

In this episode, Scott speaks with headshot photographer, Seshu Badrinath, about his photographic and photography business workflows.

Seshu is a headshot photographer from Connecticut, known for his knack for capturing the friendly essence of professionals through his lens. With a warm approach, he ensures his subjects are at ease, even amidst the studio lights, making every photo session a comfortable experience. The journey began in 2009 with Connecticut Headshots, initiated through a humble Twitter campaign. Now, Seshu is the go-to photographer for small business owners, executives, actors, and healthcare professionals keen on distinguishing themselves in their fields. Residing in Avon, Connecticut, with his family, he continues to make people look their relaxed best, one headshot at a time.

Episode Summary

In this episode of Workflows, Scott Wyden Kivowitz sits down with photographer Seshu Badrinath to dive into the world of headshot photography and the importance of effective communication and workflow management in creating stunning portraits. Seshu shares his expertise in guiding clients through the decision-making process and the power of clear communication to streamline photo sessions.

Here are 5 key lessons from their conversation:

1. The Significance of Guidance and Expertise: Clients often lack the professional photographer’s eye and may not know what to look for in their own photographs. He believes in the importance of their guidance and expertise in helping clients make decisions based on expression, lighting, and other factors that resonate with them.

2. Building Trust and Appealing to Potential Clients: Understanding the client’s target audience creates trust and encourages potential clients to reach out. With their personal guidance absent in an online gallery, headshot photographers play a critical role in helping clients project their desired image effectively.

3. Workflow and Effective Communication: Clear and effective communication with clients before and during their photo session is crucial for a successful outcome. Communicating multiple times before the session saves time, increases client comfort and trust, and helps avoid issues like unpreparedness.

4. The Art of Editing and Retouching: Effective communication with the retoucher is key, and Seshu praises his retoucher for being a team player and effectively utilizing photo notes. Attention to lighting and exposure, along with meticulous editing, ensures high-quality headshots that resonate with clients.

5. The Business Side of Headshot Photography: The importance of offering clear pricing and the freedom for clients to purchase as many photographs as they desire underscores the growth potential of a headshot business. Seshu’s dedication to delivering usable photographs that make a quick impact ensures his clients can take full advantage of these compelling visuals on various platforms.

Join Scott and Seshu in this captivating episode as they explore the intricacies of headshot photography workflows, the power of effective communication, and the art of creating memorable portraits. Whether you’re a photographer yourself or simply interested in learning more about the world behind the lens, this episode is sure to leave you inspired and informed.

Discussed in this episode

  • Importance of guidance and expertise in photography decisions
  • Purpose of the photographs and building trust with potential clients
  • Payment structure and business growth
  • Communication for an effective workflow
  • Importance of lighting and attention to detail in photography
  • Client outfits and session environment
  • Pricing and delivering photographs to clients
  • Personal connection and gratitude for collaboration
  • The importance of headshots and impact on business opportunities
Show transcription