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How to Find Your Own Photo Editing Style for Visual Uniqueness

A complete guide to finding your unique photo editing style

Penelope Diamantopoulous - Writer for Imagen AI
By Penelope Diamantopoulous
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Edited by Jovan Mijailović

Published November 3, 2023.

How to find your photo editing style: a split photo of a mountain and a lake.

A unique visual identity can set you apart from others and help you build a strong brand—and a unique editing style is one of the main ways to succeed in the high-pressure photography business. Consistency in editing makes your work easily recognizable and memorable.

By creating a signature look for all your pictures, you separate yourself from other photographers. The uniqueness builds your brand, gives your work its personality, and helps you create a cohesive body of work.

Photo editing and your visual identity

When creating your visual identity, the goal is for viewers to recognize your photos by the subjects, composition, and editing style. Consistency is essential when editing, as it reinforces your signature look by separating it from the crowd.

Here's some advice:

  • Follow your instincts
  • Use trendy techniques only if they complement your photo
  • Master the essentials like exposure and color correction
  • Stay true to your vision

How does what you shoot affect your editing

The subject matter and your chosen technique influence how you edit. For example, soft and natural lighting benefits portraits by enhancing skin tone. On the other hand, a landscape picture pops more when it's sharp and has vibrant colors.

How to find your photo editing style

If you're still in a search for your photography editing style, use the following practical tips to explore different possibilities:

  • Create a mood board of pictures you admire and examine how they're edited
  • Make collages of color combinations that interest you
  • Limit your editing tools and use a consistent workflow
  • Ask your friends, mentors, and clients for feedback
  • Examine your work regularly to find repeating patterns

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Finding inspiration

I used my father's hands-on approach using razors and direct color application as inspiration for my style. While editing, I lean toward minimalism, focusing on my subject while removing distractions in the background.

There are also plenty of free and easily accessible resources online you can try, such as

  • Art exhibitions
  • Weather
  • Other photographers
  • Books, magazines, and online photography platforms
  • Landscapes and everyday life
  • Personal experiences and emotions
  • Feelings and memories

Balancing inspiration and originality in your editing style

Drawing inspiration from others is essential, but you must combine it with a personal perspective. Don't stick to just one source; multiple may be necessary to create a style that speaks to you.

Supporting your style with AI

AI and tools like Lightroom can go a long way in helping you streamline and simplify the editing process once you find your style.

They offer:

  • Automated editing suggestions for quick tweaks
  • Batch editing to handle multiple photos efficiently
  • Tools to recognize and apply patterns and sequences
  • Presets and filters to achieve just the right look

AI-powered features that help you stay consistent

AI-driven tools in photo editing software aren't just about technical tweaks—they can help you stay consistent and enhance your vision.

Here are four unique ways these features can help bring out your artistic vision with effects:

  • Content-aware cropping and retouching
  • Style transfer to apply artistic styles to photos
  • AI-based color grading and tonal adjustments
  • Auto-tagging and organization to streamline workflow

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When your photos speak for themselves

Developing a unique photo editing style is an ongoing process that evolves as you gain experience and refine your artistic vision. Authenticity is vital, so stay true to your vision, prioritize genuine edits over trends, and let your unique perspective shine through your work.

The hallmark of success in photography lies in viewers identifying your work by the subjects and your distinct editing style. To reinforce it, you can use Imagen, which seamlessly combines with your workflow, ensuring the efficiency and quality of the final product.