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Editorial Policy

Imagen's editorial team is dedicated to producing and publishing original content related to photography, AI technology, and their intersection.

Our blogs, articles, and educational content aim to inform our readers about the latest advancements and insights in AI-empowered photography, enhancing their image creation and editing experience.

Our editorial principles and standards guide our process, ensuring the delivery of accurate, relevant, reliable, and purposeful content.

Editorial Principles


We commit to delivering top-tier content that meets our high standards. This is made possible through standardized writing, editing, and quality assurance processes, continually refined for excellence. Our team comprises writers and editors with advanced knowledge in photography and AI, proficient in research, editing, and proofreading.


Our dedication to providing accurate, reliable content aligns with our standards of excellence. Our editors meticulously verify all facts and information before publication, ensuring all content is polished and grammatically correct.


We value integrity, honesty, and transparency. Our team remains objective and unbiased, disclosing any conflicts of interest. All content reflects this integrity, supported by credible, referenced information sources.


We aim to produce content that's easy to navigate and comprehend, free of technical jargon or clarified for better understanding. We strive for inclusivity, providing information beneficial to all, regardless of demographic, geographic, or other differences.


Our content is driven by its relevance and utility to our readers. We cover topics that provide value, focusing on how AI can enhance the photography experience.

Editorial Process

Topic Approval, Outlining, and Allocation

Blog topics are thoroughly researched and approved. Editors create outlines to guide the writer on structure, scope, and purpose. Writers are allocated topics matching their subject knowledge and experience.


Editors manually verify the facts and information in blogs, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Editing and Proofreading

Our skilled editors rigorously edit and proofread all content to meet our quality standards.

Sourcing and Crediting

We validate our content with evidence, fully and accurately crediting all sources, in line with our zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. This allows readers to explore topics further.


The Imagen editorial team stays abreast with industry changes, updating content as needed to maintain relevance.


Editors may amend content if errors or inaccuracies are found post-publication. We welcome reader feedback to ensure the highest accuracy.

Blogs may include links to third-party websites or resources. We are not responsible for third-party content, claims, or services. Please familiarize yourself with their policies and terms before engaging.

Terms of Use

Content by Imagen may be accessed, downloaded, or printed for personal use only. Commercial reproduction or distribution requires prior consent.


The information we publish is not meant to replace professional advice. Please consult experts before making crucial decisions based on our content.


Imagen assumes no liability for outdated, incomplete, or incorrect content, nor for any harm or losses incurred from using our content or resources.