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Originally from Colombia, Rocio could never have imagined where she was going to end up when she first arrived in Spain over 20 years ago with a bag full of dreams, a Pentax K1000, and some rolls of film. She started photographing weddings in 2004 with an aim to find her own voice and there is no doubt that Rocio has achieved just that. With a background in cinematography lighting and photojournalism, Rocio produces striking visual legacies for her clients by seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and using natural light or off-camera flash to enhance and to tell better stories.

About Rocio’s AI Profile

As a storyteller, Rocio’s purpose is to show what a wedding felt like throughout the entire day and sees the editing as a continuation of that. Her photo edits are mood enhancers to bring life to each scene. Rocio’s AI Profile is characterized by this intention; a bold but balanced style, with a pop of color and contrast that works consistently across a full gallery. An overall brightness is achieved through lifted whites. Highlights are tonally reminiscent of snow rather than cream giving the edit a crisp and fresh feel and ensuring that photos will never feel washed-out. Reds, yellows and oranges are desaturated for skin tones yet an overall color saturation is maintained, especially for the greens which remain bright and lime-like in color. This profile will not work magic with inaccurate exposures or white balance. This makes sense for JPEG shooters as higher accuracy in-camera is recommended due to less image information to work with compared to RAW files.

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Before and after Momenticos
Before and after Momenticos
Before and after Momenticos
Before and after Momenticos
A father hugging her daughter at the wedding

“I was really impressed with Imagen when it cut more than half of my editing time. I still check each photo because I like to be very precise with my framing, but it's such a pleasant experience to go through the photos that are at this perfect starting point and I just need to focus on the final details.”

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