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5 Engagement Photography Tips: Saying 'I Do' to Stunning Shots

Help your clients commemorate the special day with more than just a selfie

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By Buddy Hallavant
Lucia Gcingca
Edited by Lucia Gcingca

Published December 6, 2023.

A couple posing for an engagement photo shoot.

A staggering 89% of Gen Z pairs now consider engagement photography an indispensable prelude to their union—a 10% surge compared to their millennial counterparts.

An engagement photo shoot might be the best way to get to know your clients before the big day. What if they don't like some poses? That's an excellent opportunity to remember and avoid them for the wedding. With that in mind, let's explore different ways you can

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5 photography tips for engagement photos

  1. Establish rapport
  2. Find the right place
  3. Capture the perfect moment
  4. Maximize natural light
  5. Use masks

1. Establish rapport

I often joke that my role is hanging out with strangers first and photographing them second—it's really like that.

Meet with the couple before the shoot or talk to them over a phone or a video call. You can use that time to understand why they chose you and what they want to achieve through your photography.

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2. Find the right place

Although heading to the park for classic shots is the standard choice for most photographers, there are more imaginative options. Ask the couple about their favorite places. If they usually lay back and watch movies, go for an in-home session with popcorn and soda.

A couple posing for an engagement photo shoot.
Photo by Pablo Beglez

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3. Capture the perfect moment

Even with top-notch equipment, an unhappy or uncomfortable subject can lead to less-than-ideal photos. Reflect their energy and encourage them to express their love in a way that feels natural to them.

There's no need to think of formal engagement photoshoot poses; the couple should naturally interact, hold hands, make eye contact, and share genuine smiles. You can draw these moments out with activities they enjoy, like making cocktails or strolling.

4. Use masks

Get comfortable with adding and subtracting masks to create depth in your photos. Imagen’s Local Adjustment tool automatically finds the photo's subject, applies a mask using brushes, and uses a local AI edit to polish the picture.

You can also use radial filters to adjust exposure while ensuring the couple remains unaffected.

5. Maximize natural light

If the couple wants outdoor engagement photos, make the most of natural light. Since you can't alter it, move around the couple to create the desired effect. The softness of the golden hour can add a dreamy effect to your photos. On the other hand, a harsh light can create drama and intensity in your shots.

Tip: When working with harsh light, avoid overexposing your photos. You can do it using evaluative metering, the default setting for most cameras.

Engagement photo shoot: building trust

The first step to a successful photography project is understanding clients' needs and expectations. What do they hope to achieve with the photos? What's their budget? Once you know their needs well, you can plan to meet their expectations.

Your clients hire you for your expertise but also want a positive experience. Going above and beyond to ensure they're happy with every aspect of the project will ensure they recommend you to their friends.