What’s New With Imagen – June 2023

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 04/16/2024

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As the summer season has officially arrived, we have the perfect remedy to ensure a seamless post-production experience.

Here is what is new with Imagen.

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Subject Mask Improvements

🎉 Subject Mask is coming out of beta very soon. Last chance to enjoy it free while in beta. 🥳

Subject Mask AI tool

We’ve released a revamped Subject Mask AI tool with an improved algorithm and a new feature. This exciting feature allows you to adjust the settings of your subject mask to achieve maximized personalization to your edits.

You can even adjust the settings and re-download your project instantly with those new settings in place.

Improved Culling

Improved Culling

Thanks to your valuable feedback during our beta phase, we are taking our AI Culling to the next level. Our innovative system has been thoroughly enhanced to better understand and group similar photos together. (It is still free while in beta and for subscribers only)

You will get a more refined number of culled photos according to the grouping settings of your choice, we recommend to use Moderate settings to start with.

Crop Improvements

Crop AI tool

We took in your feedback and we enhanced our AI Crop tool. With enhanced algorithms and machine learning, the tool intelligently analyzes your photos, adjusts the framing, eliminates distractions, and highlights the essence of your subject with a click of a button.

Our AI Straighten also received an update last month.

New Talent AI Profile

new talent ai profile

We launched a new Talent AI Profile, ‘Peachy by PBX’, by Pablo Beglez, wedding photographer based in Gran Canaria. Prominent peach and pink hues of rose gold mixed with icier highlights provide a punch and focus to any subject.

Coming Soon to Imagen

We have more to share on the upcoming new features within the Imagen app.

Enhanced Tone Curve Support

We’re going to support precise Tone Curves on a photo-by-photo basis in your Personal AI Profile creation. This will give an even more perfected edited photo replicating your editing style. Currently, we analyze the photos uploaded to train your AI Profile, and offer an average Tone Curve to be used across every photo. This new update will adjust the Tone Curve as needed for every photo.

For the tech-curious folks, click here to see our full list of changes over time.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and see your edits in the Imagen Community.

Cover photo by Pablo Beglez. See his Talent AI Profile here.

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