What’s New With Imagen – February 2023

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 05/21/2024

Check the latest Imagen Product Updates of 2024 here.


It is a new year, and we have so much going on to help your post-production workflow.

Today we are thrilled to officially share some of the many improvements that are ready to use and some which are coming very soon.



Imagen Culling is now available to all Imagen Subscribers! With it, we can help you select the best photos in your projects, and then painlessly move to editing with your preferred AI Profile.

Culling beta testers can now control the grouping strictness and even send projects for culling again multiple times with different rating specifications.

Culling remains 100% free while in beta. If you want to try Imagen’s new culling feature, consider subscribing today to give a try.


multiple languages

Currently in beta testing. The Imagen app supports multiple languages, starting with Japanese, German, French and Spanish. Website localization is coming very soon.

Subject Mask Local Adjustment

local adjustments

Our first local adjustment feature automatically selects and edits your subjects, and applies a mask using brushes. Free while in beta!

Edit Again


Announced in December, but now enhanced, so you can have a project edited up to 5 times. It is free up to 5 times unless you add on an Additional AI Tool like crop if your original edit didn’t already have it.

Search a Folder

Search a Folder

If you have a Lightroom Classic catalog with many folders or collections, then the new search feature will enable you to find your photos even faster. For example, if you have one catalog per quarter, and have 15 clients in one catalog, then searching for a client named Jane will show you any folder or collection with the name Jane in it.

Background Uploads

Background Uploads

Imagen has always been able to minimize while uploading your projects, so you can return to other important areas of your business, or personal life. Now you can upload your projects in the background, and also continue working on other projects in the app.

Coming Soon to Imagen

We have more more to share on the upcoming new features within the Imagen app.

Profile Adjustment

profile adjustment

If you think your profile needs an overall improvement on a specific Lightroom Classic parameter, you will be able to do it without waiting for a Fine-tune update. You can control it for all edits, or specify for each camera, all within the Imagen app.

Edit History

Edit History

You will soon be able to see your Imagen profile in your Lightroom history. If you edit your project more than once with a different profile, you can easily compare the different Imagen edits with Lightroom edits.

For the tech-curious folks, click here to see our full list of changes over time.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and see your edits in the Imagen Community.

Cover photo by Michelle Harris. See their Talent AI Profile here.

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