What’s New With Imagen – March 2023

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 05/21/2024

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Spring is in the air, at least in some parts of the world. We know many Imageners are about to kickstart their busy season, and with that we have some great new things to share and also on the horizon. Here is what is new with Imagen.

Rolling out to Imageners

We can’t wait to get this in your hands!

Profile Adjustments

profile adjustment

If you think your profile needs an overall improvement on a specific Lightroom Classic parameter, you are in luck. We’ve started rolling out the ability to adjust your Personal AI Profile or a Talent AI Profile by tweaking specific Lightroom parameters to your liking, without the need to wait for a Fine-tune update. This feature is starting to roll out now!

Available Now

Try it in the Imagen app today.

Edit History

Edit History

You can now see your Personal AI Profile profile or the Talent AI Profile used in your Lightroom history. If you edit your project more than once with a different profile, you can easily compare the different Imagen edits with Lightroom edits.

Edit Again


We have improved the re-editing experience so you can see the previous profile used and the extra cost if you add any AI tools.

Coming Soon to Imagen

We have more to share on the upcoming new features within the Imagen app.

Get to Know You More

Get to Know You More

We added a small step in the project creation workflow to understand which type of photos you will be editing. This will help us make your Imagen experience even more personalized and accurate.

For the tech-curious folks, click here to see our full list of changes over time.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and see your edits in the Imagen Community.

Cover photo by Nitzan Gur. See his Talent AI Profile here.

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