Talking Post Session Workflows with Igor Demba

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 03/24/2024

Igor Demba might be an incredible photographer, and from what I have heard, a great cook, but he is also a smart business person. You see, Igor makes well-thought-out decisions when he is done with a wedding.

Once a wedding is over and he has edited the sneak peeks for the couple and their families, he also sends those to vendors involved in the wedding. Of course, he gets permission from his clients first.

But what this does is enable additional networking opportunities and relationship building with florists, venues, bakeries, wedding planners, and many other vendors involved in weddings.

The great thing is that Igor can do this speedily due to Imagen, which helps select the best shots and quickly edit the photos in bulk.

If you are interested in hearing more from Igor, including his entire workflow from lead to delivery, listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts or on the official Workflows podcast page.

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