Talking Business Workflows with Carolina Guzik

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 05/06/2024

While money is good and can be a sign of a successful business, oftentimes, our health has to and should come first.

Carolina Guzik chooses to take on fewer weddings every year (around 20) instead of more, so she can ensure quality mental health.

For the weddings she photographs, Carolina uses AI culling and batch photo editing to get the jobs processed fast so she can focus more on what she loves, like riding her bike.

Carolina says her client experience has also improved as a result of taking on fewer clients. She can focus more on the personal touches of each client than ever before, and make sure she meets the customer expectations. It has also helped with her upsells, which she discusses in this episode.

If you are interested in hearing more from Carolina, including her entire workflow from lead to delivery, listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts or on the official Workflows podcast page.

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