Nov 01, 2023

Workflows with Nicole Ashley

Get ready to dive into the world of photography in this captivating episode of Workflows! Join host Scott Wyden Kivowitz as he sits down with the incredible photographer and Canon Canada ambassador, Nicole Ashley. Discover Nicole’s unique approach to photography, her love for weddings, and how technology has revolutionized the industry.

In this episode, Nicole shares her secrets to creating an unforgettable photography experience for clients, from sending sneak peek photos within 24 hours of a session to surprising them with tangible film prints at weddings. She also discusses her recent dream come true experience, working with a big brand and a diverse team of artists.

“Looking at photos should evoke a sense of happiness and nostalgia.” – Nicole Ashley

Mentioned resources

  • Canva: A helpful tool for creating digital mood boards.
  • Pinterest: A valuable platform for inspiration and gathering ideas.
  • Instagram and TikTok: Platforms used for inquiries about weddings.
  • Focal: A fantastic AI-powered tool that has streamlined Nicole’s editing process.
  • Pic-Time: An excellent tool for creating polished photo galleries and delivering stunning client experiences.

Want to learn how to create a memorable photography experience for your clients? Tune into this episode of Workflows and gain invaluable insights from Nicole Ashley’s expertise! Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your photography business and create a lasting impact.

Key lessons in this episode

  1. The importance of creating a date-like atmosphere for clients during portrait sessions.
  2. Using digital mood boards to showcase textures, color schemes, and shopping for items.
  3. The value of utilizing AI and automation tools to streamline and enhance the photography process.
  4. Leveraging client portals for organized communication and professional presentation.
  5. The positive impact of technology on reducing burnout and making photography more feasible as a full-time career.
Show transcription