Jun 01, 2023

Workflows with Lindsay Coulter

In this episode, Scott speaks with portrait and wedding photographer Lindsay Coulter about her photographic and photography business workflows.

Lindsay Coulter¬†is a wedding & portrait photographer capturing timeless and on-trend photographs for couples worldwide. Although residing in Canada, Lindsay’s passion for finding beauty in small details and capturing candid moments has taken her to places like Australia, Bermuda, St. Maarten, Mexico & Italy. She loves the outdoors and prefers beach houses in Malibu or cabins in the Pacific Northwest.

Lindsay takes pride in getting to know each couple’s unique story and essence, believing that inclusion and equality are fundamental to her personal and professional life. She cherishes the idea of photography as a way to look back on moments in time and remember how you felt, wanting couples to be taken back to their special day, no matter how much time has passed.

Episode Summary

We delved deep into Lindsay’s journey as a successful photographer in Ontario, Canada, and the tools and strategies she employs to streamline her processes and deliver top-notch results to her clients.

Lindsay shared some invaluable tips and tricks, from credit card payments to engagement sessions and the editing process. As cash apps like Venmo are unavailable in Canada, Lindsay recommends accepting credit card payments to cater to clients’ preferences.

Regarding engagement sessions, Lindsay sets up guides with location and outfit ideas provided. After the session, she sends a questionnaire to gather wedding details and helps create a timeline. Pre-production planning is crucial for ensuring enough time for priority photos.

During dinner at the wedding, Lindsay processes and edits photos until that point and begins selecting previews for the next day’s delivery. The day after the wedding, Lindsay goes through every photo and marks them for preview or further retouching.

One tool that has benefited Lindsay’s workflow and reduced her stress levels is Imagen. Lindsay opted for Imagen for editing after bad experiences with previous outsourcing companies. Imagen allows her to be more present in her personal life and provide luxury service with great communication, delivery time, and beautiful end products.

Lindsay also implements various delivery strategies to increase client satisfaction. Delivering previews quickly after a session and creating an easy-to-digest curated gallery labeled into parts one, two, and three can make a significant difference. Additionally, including specific compliments and instructions in the final delivery email is key.

Furthermore, Lindsay acknowledges the importance of establishing a backup system for personal and business work. Self-taught and experienced photographers can also benefit from watching others set up, take, create, and edit images.

Throughout the episode, Lindsay offered her valuable insights and experiences to help other photographers avoid burnout and achieve business success. By adopting efficient, stress-reducing processes, photographers can deliver high-quality work that satisfies clients without needing to spend thousands on outsourcing.

Discussed in this episode

  • Importance of efficient editing process for photographers
  • Guides for engagement session provided with the outfits and location ideas
  • Importance of pre-production planning for prioritizing photos
  • Experience with outsourced editing process and a bad experience with a previous company
  • Using Imagen for more control and efficiency
  • Use of skin smoothing
  • Eliminating emotional ties from the editing process
  • Importance of timely delivery of previews and gallery for maintaining clients
  • Curating organized and easy-to-digest galleries
  • Personalized delivery email with specific instructions and positive feedback
  • Managing anxieties and burnout during busy seasons
  • Personal backups for every piece of work
  • Getting to know clients and creating a comfortable environment
  • Putting pricing online to streamline process and increase conversions
  • Simplifying CRM system for easier management
Show transcription