Sep 01, 2022

Workflows with Carolina Guzik

We speak with wedding and family photographer, Carolina Guzik, about her workflows and she shares incredible takeaways.

Carolina Guzik is a wedding & family photographer from Miami, Florida, and she loves to work with awesome people.  Her style is authentic, vibrant, & romantic. Carolina is married to her husband Christopher, and they have a bulldog named MacArthur.  She is a yogaholic, a fan of Game of Thrones, GIFs, ice cream, and traveling.

Carolina has a degree in Mass Communications and Advertising which has served her well in her photography business.

She created The Tog Republic Podcast because she wanted to share her knowledge of marketing strategies with other photographers.

Discussed in this episode

  • The Importance of Organization
  • One Thing That Has Saved Time and Money
  • The Benefits of Offering an Upsell for Faster Turnaround Time
  • Outsourcing Image Editing: The Best Way to Save Time
  • Wedding Photographer Upsells After the Fact
  • How to Use Your Wedding Photos to Attract New Clients
  • The Business of Photography: How to Sell Your Work
  • The Benefits of Knowing Your Client and Being Kind to Your Vendors
  • Client Approval Process for Sharing Images
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