Talking Business Workflows with Andre Brown

By Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Last updated on 03/25/2024

Andre Brown is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Andre has been teaching about his business workflows for quite some time. We are honored to have Andre on the podcast to share his insights and advice with other Imageners.

McDonald’s is one of the most recognized businesses in the world, and their success is partially due to having clearly defined workflows that every employee utilizes.

As many photographers are one-man bands, as Andre puts it, having systems in place to automate much of your tasks can take your photography business to new levels.

That is what Andre shares in this clip from his episode of Workflows.

If you are interested in hearing more from Andre, including his entire workflow from lead to delivery, listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts or on the official Workflows podcast page.

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