Mar 01, 2023

Workflows with Andre Brown

In this episode, Scott speaks with award winning wedding photographer, Andre Brown, about his photographic and photography business workflows.

Andre Brown is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Atlanta, GA. His work has been featured in several notable publications and has won awards from prestigious organizations, including WPPI. Andre is also a speaker and educator as host of the Embrace Workshop and brand ambassador for Westcott, MagMod, Light and Motion and Imagen.

Episode Summary

Andre shared his insights on workflows, tools, and strategies that have helped him thrive in his industry.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of digital organization. Andre uses a digital notepad and workflow software like Snapflow to stay organized and streamline his businesses. This allows him to take notes, share them with others, and manage his studio’s workflow. Snapflow comes in handy for lead management, and Andre knows how to make the most of it.

For photographers who want to connect with other professionals in their area, Andre recommended joining Facebook groups. These groups are excellent resources for finding collaborators or second shooters for an event, which can lead to better results for clients.

Andre also shared his insights on photo editing workflows. He prefers using a Wacom tablet, and he has experience in graphic design that comes in handy when he retouches his photos. He relies on multiple software like Lightroom, Imagen, and Photoshop for editing and uses frequency separation for retouching.

The interview also covered various other topics, including AI, post-session sales, teamwork, and more.  Overall, this episode of Workflows was fascinating and incredibly informative. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, plenty of insights in this episode can help you grow and thrive in your business.

Discussed in this episode

  • Tips for Capturing the Perfect Shot
  • The Importance of Getting the Basics Right in Photography
  • The Benefits of Streamlining Business Workflow with Snapflow
  • Editing Techniques for Time-Saving
  • Increasing Business Through Post-Session Sales and Client Experience
  • Client Experience and Atmosphere in Photography Studio
  • Automated Client Onboarding Process for Wedding Photography Business
  • Outsourcing and Networking for Photographers
Show transcription