What’s New With Imagen – August 2023

By Hila Haimovich

Last updated on 05/06/2024

Check the latest Imagen Product Updates of 2024 here.

It’s hard to believe another month has passed, and you know what that means, right? Product updates of course. Take a look at all of the newest improvement and features on Imagen this month.

Cloud Backup

imagen cloud backupYou may have already heard about it, but our brand-new cloud backup solution is up and running! Given our mission to make photographers’ post-production experiences even better, it was a no-brainer for us to dive into the world of photo backups with our latest offering, Imagen Cloud. Need help picking the right storage fit? Don’t miss our easy-to-follow guide on secure storage solutions available here.

You’re probably wondering, “But hey, Imagen, that’s old news—give me more!” Well, we hear you, and we’ve got some fantastic new features in store for you

Ultra-speedy catalog uploading

faster catalog loading

We get how frustrating it can be to wait for hefty catalogs to load. Say goodbye to that worry, and get ready for a remarkable boost in loading speed as we’ve managed to turn minutes of loading time into just a few seconds. Go ahead, check it out and enjoy your free time.

Limitless Naming

renaming your projects

Our recent update introduces automatic project naming, seamless renaming, and support for special characters and various languages within profiles and projects. TL;DR – Experience greater freedom with fewer restrictions and enjoy the time-saving efficiency of the auto-naming feature

Upgraded Culling Studio Is Outimproved culling ux

Our AI-driven Culling Studio solution boasts a fresh new look and feel, now rolling out to users. We’ve revamped the culling preferences to make rating and grouping criteria much clearer and more intuitive.

Coming up to Imagen

imagenation illu

Imagenation Summit Part II 

Part II of the Imagenation Summit is fast approaching. Full event details including speakers and agenda will be disclosed soon. Who is this for? Essentially, it’s directed towards all photographers who aspire to maintain their relevance in the upcoming near future.

In the meantime, gear yourself up and soak in the highlights on what we had at Part I of the Imagenation Summit here.

All tech-savvies out there, find here the complete list of the various updates we’ve rolled out over time

We’re excited to hear your thoughts and see your edits in the Imagen Community.

Cover photo by Rocio Vega. See her Talent AI Profile here.

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