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Photography Editing Styles Every Enthusiast Must Know

Ever wondered how a subtle tweak in editing can transform a simple photo into a visual masterpiece?

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By Michaela Luyt
Lucia Gcingca
Edited by Lucia Gcingca

Published December 6, 2023.

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Capturing the essence of a photo isn't just about the click of a shutter; it's about the finesse in the editing that breathes life into the subject.

From portrait retouching to mastering the play of colors, this guide looks at the secrets behind creating stunning and captivating pictures that leave a mark on your audience. So, let's explore the popular photography editing styles to elevate your shots from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Portraits: techniques for captivating shots

There are various techniques to enhance portrait shots so that they captivate your viewers, such as:

  • Skin Retouching: Removes blemishes and imperfections while keeping the original look and feel of the photo.
  • Soft Focus: Adds a dreamy quality to the pictures, improving their overall visual appeal.
  • Color Correction: Ensures accurate representation of products, securing client satisfaction and trust.

Note: Pick a shade the client requested for color correction. You must fulfill their expectation if you want repeat customers.

Landscapes: breathing life into scenic views

You must bring out the vibrancy with landscape photos, especially the greens and blues. The contrast is also a feature that can help the viewer distinguish between the elements, giving the picture that extra edge.

Another thing to keep in mind is the filters. They can be your go-to for balancing exposures between a bright sky and solid ground.

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Black-and-white photography: classic elegance

Contrast is a secret weapon in black-and-white photography. Achieve the desired impact by balancing your picture's darker and lighter elements. You can also adjust the tonal range to enhance depth and texture, ensuring the grays effectively convey the intended mood.

Note: The composition also plays a significant role in the absence of color. Try to emphasize shapes, lines, and textures to eliminate distractions and preserve the photo's intended look and feel.

Mastering minimalism: embracing simplicity

Minimalism is all about simplicity and a clean visual narrative. Identify and remove distracting elements from the frame to ensure the main subject remains the focal point. You should also purposefully use the open space within the frame to complement the subject, which adds to the overall message.

Experimental styles of photography editing

Pushing the boundaries of traditional software can yield extraordinary results. For instance, using AI to manipulate and distort original photographs opens up creative possibilities. This unconventional approach has gained traction, particularly for YouTube thumbnails.

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Choosing the perfect photography editing style

When finding the right editing style for your photo or project, the first thing to zero in on is the look and feel you're going for. The aesthetic impacts the mood and message you intend to communicate, so your chosen style should seamlessly integrate with your artistic vision.

Investing in the right tools is crucial—and newer AI-driven editors like Imagen offer intriguing possibilities—particularly for working with RAW images. The app learns how you edit your photos based on how you adjust Lightroom settings and sliders.