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Warm Skin Tones

About Nitzan

Nitzan has been a photographer since 2004. Originally starting out in nightlife photography he realized that wedding photography was for him when he saw the reaction his first clients had to their photos. Nitzan is a new dad and in any free moments he is snapping away photos of his family because to him, photography is what allows an intimate moment to be painted and remembered.

About Nitzan ’s AI Profile

As the name suggests, this AI Profile will give your photos a warm glow. Golden greens pair with buttery yellows for an overall happy and summery aesthetic. Brighter whites and lifted shadows bring an instant crispness without being overly contrasty. There isn’t a tonal punch but colors are also not de-saturated. Instead, the warm tones that cast over the highlights and midtones provide an effect of gentle saturation and vibrancy throughout.

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before and after Warm Skin Tones
before and after Warm Skin Tones
before and after Warm Skin Tones
before and after Warm Skin Tones
Photo of a couple by Nitzan Gur

I don’t even want to think about the time before Imagen! It’s so simple to use and for big events it's an absolute essential as it applies my style almost instantly across the entire collection!

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