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Yervant Zanazanian became adept with darkroom techniques at a very young age at his father's photography studio in Ethiopia and was one of the first professional wedding photographer’s who adopted digital technology. With his 'Fashion Meets Wedding' approach to capturing a wedding, Yervant has been recognized across the world and has been honored by WPPI with the Lifetime Achievement Award (2010).

About Yervant’s AI Profile

Yervent’s passion is making people look flawless in all lighting situations. He does this by ensuring his edits embody accurate colors with a soft edge. This softness is achieved through muted highlights and gives skin a smoother appearance. Details are maintained in the shadows and whites, adding texture and depth to an overall muted look. Greens are warm and blue tones are maintained in the midtones and shadows. Highlights are peachy providing a subtle pop for the subjects in the frame.

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before and after of Simply Sublime
before and after of Simply Sublime
before and after of Simply Sublime
before and after of Simply Sublime
a bride and groom portrait by Yervant Zanazanian

I’ve always insisted that finishing an image and producing a printed result is what makes a photograph complete so I would always take time to get each photo edit perfected. Using Imagen, means that I can enjoy this process a lot more and fully appreciate the work over the years that has gone into my editing style.

Yervant Zanazanian//

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