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By Yoav Chai

Last updated on 04/08/2024

Say goodbye to Lightroom presets! The future of photo editing lies in Artificial Intelligence.

In July 2018, I had the good fortune of hiring a freelance photographer to document one of the happiest events of my life – my wedding day. As a hobby photographer myself, it took me a while to find someone whose work I could relate to. Working with him turned out to be a huge success on the day itself – and a nerve-wracking waiting game in the following weeks.
When I called him a month later, I was truly worried that my wedding pictures were at least lost – if not worse. To my surprise, everything was okay, the photographer was just knee-deep into processing, culling, and editing our photos. Three months later – we finally got them.

photo by nitzan gur
Photo by Nitzan Gur. Edited by Imagen. Explore Talent AI Profile

I spoke with my photographer and began to understand what the post-production pain points were and that it takes about 14 hours on average for a wedding photographer to edit a full wedding.

There are compromises with the options available nowadays in the market. You either do it yourself – losing precious time, or you rely on outsourcing services that are expensive, inconsistent, time-consuming, and require teaching how to reflect your personal style. Another common option is using editing presets that apply a specific style to your entire photo catalog. This will get you started, but will only apply one set of parameters across the full gallery meaning it will still take time to go over each photo and adjust each one.
With a background in Artificial Intelligence, I started thinking about ways to help revolutionize the photography post-production workflow. Along with co-founders Ron and Yotam, we decided to develop a solution that will revolutionize the way photographers approach their work so they can focus on what they love.

Throughout the development process, we realized a few core priorities:

  • It’s really important for a photographer to maintain their editing style. They wouldn’t want an automatic tool that edits everything without their personal touch. It was important for us to keep the editing personal, so it wouldn’t be one way to edit for everyone.
  • Photographers will always want final control over the output. The photos should be edited within the editing software used by photographers so that any final tweaks can always be done by them.
  • The last thing we wanted to ensure was that as a photographer changes their style over time, the software continues to reflect that evolution.
photo by yosef huri
Photo by Yosef Huri. Edited by Imagen.

The solution was an AI-powered software that learns your editing style and saves you time. Imagen analyzes your previous photo edits to create your Personal AI Profile. You can then apply the profile to your Lightroom Classic catalog at less than 1/2 second per photo.

In contrast to traditional photo editing presets, Imagen’s algorithm analyzes each photo to understand exactly what parameters are needed. Each photo will have its parameters adjusted based on the needs of each photo and your editing style. With Imagen, you’re also always in control – you can review the results in Lightroom and tweak them. Once you have finished editing your photos, you can then send the edits back to us, and with time your AI profile will evolve with you.

photo by mor elnekave
Photo by Mor Elnekave. Edited by Imagen.

We also offer Talent AI Profiles, which are pre-built profiles created by industry-leading photographers and are based on their unique editing style. You can find profiles suitable for both RAW and JPEG shooters and they are available on Imagen to instantly edit with.

More important than what we do is who we are at heart. We dream of creating a world where AI helps you step away from your computer to help photographers focus on what you love. We are always looking forward, continuing to ensure photographers and their needs are front-of-mind.

Imagen the possibilities!

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