Jul 01, 2022

Workflows with Charmi Patel-Peña

We speak with wedding photographer, Charmi Pena about the workflows in her photography business.

Charmi Patel-Peña is a wedding photographer based in New Jersey. Living with her husband Patrick and two kids. The weddings Charmi photographs are paced quickly and are full of organized chaos – just like her mind, but they also force her to slow down.

As a fan of power tools, she likes to do home improvements in her spare time. She is also a big fan of her mom’s pani puri and recommends everyone finds a place to try this traditional Indian street food snack.

Charmi is the first Asian American, female, photographer to be sponsored by a leading camera manufacturer – Nikon. She is also one of the newest Talents here at Imagen, offering her incredible editing style for anyone to try.

Discussed in this episode

  • How to Get the Perfect Lighting
  • How Cutting Down the Number of Weddings You Shoot Can Actually Improve Your Business
  • The Benefits of Editing on the Same Day as Shooting
  • The Benefits of  Same Day Calling
  • Outsourcing Your Album Design
  • Wedding Photography Delivery Schedule
  • Post-Wedding Client Delivery and Follow-Up
  • Wedding Photography Workflow for Long Weddings with Multiple Days
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