Apr 01, 2022

Workflows with Mike Dawkins

We speak with brand photographer, Mike Dawkins about his photography business workflows.

Mike Dawkins is a portrait and events photographer with a mission to show people the best version of themselves and the world around them.

He describes his style as editorial lifestyle with an element of magical realism.

Getting his start as a photo retoucher, he shoots and edits his photos right up to the point of being “too good to be true.”

With a degree in marketing, he approaches each shoot as a brand partner for influencers and entrepreneurs like Spike Lee, Common, Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall, and many others.

When Mike is not taking photos, he enjoys watching basketball, hanging out with friends, and going stand-up paddleboarding with his wife.

Discussed in this episode

  • Setting Up Lights for Portraits
  • The Importance of an Automated System for Photographers
  • How to Spend Less Time Editing Photos with AI
  • How Automating Your Photography Business Can Lead to a Better Life
  • The Benefits of Batching Your Instagram Content
  • How to Automate Your Social Media Posts While Maintaining an Authentic Voice
    How to Book a Session with Honey Book
  • How to Edit and Deliver Client Photos
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Offering Wall Art Prints to Clients
  • Wedding Photography: Should You Send the Gallery Immediately or Give it Some Time?
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