Jun 03, 2024

Capture Authentic Wedding Moments Like Never Before

In this episode of Workflows, discover the art and science of photography with seasoned wedding photographer and educator Chris Denner. With sage advice and stories from the field, Chris inspires and equips listeners with strategies to refine their photographic process.

Chris Denner is a UK-based wedding photographer with a flair for the unconventional. He brings a vibrant and authentic style to the often clichéd world of wedding photography. With over 26 years in the industry, Denner has diligently honed his craft, adapted his business, and embraced an educator. His presentations at prominent photography conferences, including Way Up North, Elevate, Nine Dots, and the Grain Festival in Croatia, have showcased his colorful, true, and authentic photography style. Chris’s commitment to ignoring trends in favor of focusing on his clients and his love for photography and boundary-pushing ethos make him a sought-after figure among open-minded and emerging creatives seeking inspiration and business guidance.

Chris Denner tackles the details of crafting an efficient and sustainable workflow, emphasizing the critical role of technology and resources. From economical shooting to sophisticated AI tools, he lays out his philosophy on photography and the importance of being fully present in the moment, ensuring the story is captured precisely as it unfolds.

“Why not make every day a school day where we can strive to be ever better?” – Chris Denner

Why You Should Listen

  • Stand out in the crowded field of photography with Chris Denner’s unique insights.
  • Learn how to streamline your workflow to save time and enhance creativity.
  • Discover the importance of intentional presence and authentic storytelling in your photography.
  • Get tips on managing client expectations to elevate their experience and your reputation.
  • Hear real-life experiences and practical advice on making technological advancements work for you in the fast-paced world of photography.


Make sure to tune into this rich discussion filled with actionable tips, humorous anecdotes, and Chris’s contagious enthusiasm for excellence in photography.

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