May 01, 2024

Tech-Enhanced Photography – Maciej Suwałowski on Modern Workflow Mastery

In this captivating episode of the Workflows photography podcast, we sit with the innovative wedding photographer Maciej Suwałowski, who artfully balances cutting-edge technology with time-tested photography principles. We chat about his strategic use of social media platforms to reach and engage with varied demographics for his wedding photography and business. From the intricacies of gear selection to the importance of business education, the conversation is packed with practical wisdom for photographers at all stages of their careers.

If you don’t know who Maciej is, you’re in for a real treat. But here’s a quick summary of this incredible person: Maciej is an 80s kid and a father of four. He has been a destination wedding photographer since 2012 and a Sony Europe ambassador since 2018. You may recognize his work, voice, or face from his many speaking gigs worldwide or his YouTube channel, which he has pursued since 2021.

“I noticed that by using Imagen, what used to take me weeks now just flies by in one simple, quick process.”

Why You Should Listen

  • Discover how Maciej Suwałowski (Magic) transformed his photography workflow for unmatched efficiency.
  • Learn strategic tips for utilizing social media platforms to target the right audience for your photography business.
  • Get the inside scoop on choosing the right lenses and technology to elevate your wedding photography work.
  • Understand the crucial balance between a seasoned professional’s photography expertise and business acumen.
  • Explore the personal branding journey of “Magic Wedding Photographer” and how it catapulted his professional recognition.


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