Apr 17, 2024

How Heather Larkin Manages a Photography Business while Traveling

In this episode of Workflows, Scott Wyden Kivowitz sits down with photographer Heather Larkin to uncover the secrets of keeping a photography business running smoothly while on the road.

Heather Larkin is a Sigma America Ambassador and portrait photographer located in Athens, Georgia. Heather has been shooting professionally since 2003 and is internationally known for creating colorful, authentic images for clients around the world. Her business, Fairyography, has been featured on The Today Show, Sigma USA, Professional Photographer Magazine, Canon Cameras, Clickin Moms, Scary Mommy, Online Athens, Southern Distinction Magazine, and more.

Why You Should Listen

  • Learn how to keep your photography business running seamlessly while traveling, and understand the significance of carrying your entire business setup with you.
  • Gain valuable insights into leveraging technology for workflow management and client communication, including the use of Calendly for scheduling and reminder texts for clients.
  • Discover a clever system for managing memory cards while on the road, ensuring data security and organization.
  • Get inspired by Heather’s approach of maintaining consistency in work processes, whether at home or on the road and understand the importance of being adaptable and self-sufficient as a solo photographer.

Tune in to the Workflows podcast to gain valuable insights into maintaining a photography business while on the road and leveraging technology for efficient workflow management.

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