Mar 14, 2024

It’s Been Reel: Social Media Strategies for Photographers with Angela Shae

In this electrifying episode of Workflows, Scott Wyden Kivowitz sits down with social media savant Angela Shae. They dissect the art of creating engaging Instagram reels that resonate with audiences and the power of behind-the-scenes content in photography.

Angela Shae, founder of Social Templates Co. and former wedding photographer, shares her journey from photography burnout to empowering photographers to leverage social media. She brings her Instagram prowess to the table, discussing the potency of reels, the magic of concise yet powerful content, and why sometimes less is more on camera.

Why You Should Listen

  • Discover how Instagram’s visual storytelling can transform your photography business.
  • Learn simple tricks for producing compelling reels that captivate your audience instantly.
  • Find out how to leverage behind-the-scenes content to forge emotional connections and win clients.
  • Get expert advice for overcoming camera shyness and building your on-camera confidence.
  • Unearth the power of collaboration and how it can extend your reach and engagement.

“Give them something beautiful to watch, and then give them the value in the caption – that’s where the magic happens.”


Ready to elevate your photography game with killer social media strategies? Join us on the Workflows podcast where Angela Shae maps out the path to online engagement and digital prowess.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your photography business with the power of Instagram reels and authentic engagement? Tune in now to this dynamic episode of the Workflows podcast and start capturing not just photos, but the hearts of your audience today!

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