Mar 01, 2024

Photography Insights with Carissa Woo: Optimizing Workflow Efficiency and Automation Tools

Don’t miss this captivating episode of Workflows as host Scott Wyden Kivowitz and guest Carissa Woo dive into the world of photography, AI, and the intricacies of running a successful photography business.

Why You Should Listen

  • Gain actionable tips for optimizing your photography workflow and utilizing automation tools.
  • Discover the potential impact of AI-generated fake weddings on the photography industry.
  • Learn about the benefits of Imagen’s photography editing tool and the Smooth Skin feature.
  • Explore the challenges and rewards of balancing multiple roles in the photography industry.
  • Get inspired by Carissa Woo’s insights into capturing genuine moments and managing personal privacy in a digital world.

Joining host Scott Wyden Kivowitz on this episode is the talented wedding photographer, Carissa Woo. She stands out with her unique approach to wedding photography, combining a heartfelt connection with clients and an exceptional eye for detail. Her skill in using natural light brings out the best in every subject, while her focus on genuine moments captures the essence of each story. For us, as photographers, she’s not just a colleague but a source of inspiration, and education, demonstrating the art of transforming wedding photos into narratives of light, emotion, and beauty. Carissa is also the host of the podcast, Get a Heck Yes, which we recommend you listening to.

In this episode, Carissa Woo shares her experiences with time-saving photography tools like Imagen, and the business automation benefits of Nowsite. The discussion also covers the challenges and rewards of photography, the impact of AI in the industry, social media privacy, and managing a successful photography business.

“AI in photography will not replace human connection but will make the photographer’s job easier and potentially impact pricing and competition.”

Key Lessons

  • Embracing automation can streamline photography businesses and save time.
  • Utilizing AI-powered tools like Imagen can enhance photography editing workflows.
  • Balancing social media presence with personal privacy is crucial for photographers.
  • Ensuring proper lighting and capturing the best images in camera can minimize editing work.
  • Using business management systems can aid in automating workflows and client communication.


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Carissa’s insights into wedding photography and business automation. Tune in to the episode now to enhance your photography workflow and business strategies.

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