Feb 14, 2024

Photography in Public Spaces: Safety Precautions and Awareness for Photographers with Vanessa Joy

Discover the challenges and triumphs of photography as Vanessa Joy joins Scott Wyden Kivowitz to share her experiences and insights.

Why You Should Listen

  • Understand the importance of safety and awareness as a photographer when shooting in public spaces.
  • Gain valuable insights into the impact of safety incidents on the photography industry.
  • Get inspired to prioritize safety and awareness in your photography workflow.
  • Learn about real-life experiences and practical tips for safety while shooting in public spaces.
  • Explore the need for open discussions and awareness about safety concerns in the photography world.

Photographer Vanessa Joy joins host Scott Wyden Kivowitz in a candid conversation about industry advancements, business strategies, and the importance of safety awareness for photographers. Vanessa Joy is a distinguished photographer with over 20 years of experience in capturing the essence of events, portraits, and marketing projects. Her remarkable work has graced publications like Yahoo! News, Grace Ormonde, and Style Me Pretty, and she’s collaborated with renowned companies such as Bravo, Canon, and Hilton. Vanessa is a celebrated Canon Explorer of Light, an honor reserved for a handful of wedding photographers in the U.S., and an author with four books on photography and business. As a devoted mother and former Spanish teacher, she brings a unique, practical approach to her craft, impacting hundreds of thousands of photographers with engaging, educational content.

Vanessa discusses the lack of graceful transitions in the photography industry, shares a harrowing experience of harassment during a photography shoot, and highlights the significance of building relationships in a new location. The conversation also delves into photography business strategies, safety precautions, and the need for open discussions about safety in the photography world.

“I initially brushed off the rude and annoying behavior of young people during a photography session, aiming to keep the model safe and ease tension.” – Vanessa Joy

Key Lessons

  • The photography industry has experienced challenges in transitioning from film to digital and adapting to technological advancements like AI.
  • Building relationships and creating a positive client experience are essential for a successful photography business.
  • Safety precautions and awareness are important for photographers when photographing in public spaces.
  • Addressing safety concerns openly and raising awareness within the photography community is essential for creating safe working environments.
  • Despite challenges, maintaining professionalism and a strong support network can help photographers navigate the industry successfully.

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