Feb 01, 2024

Elevating Photography Experiences: Expert Insights with Jerry Ghionis

In this episode of Workflows, Scott Wyden Kivowitz is joined by the esteemed photographer Jerry Ghionis, known for his mastery in wedding and portrait photography.

Why You Should Listen

  • Elevate your photography game with expert insights from renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis.
  • Gain actionable tips for improving client experiences and increasing photography sales.
  • Discover the impact of AI on the photography industry and storytelling through images.
  • Get inspired to create memorable experiences and same-day slideshows at events.
  • Uncover strategies for enhancing client relationships and prioritizing customer service.

Jerry Ghionis is a proud Nikon Ambassador, and PDN Magazine named him one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world. He is WPPI’s most awarded photographer and first Grand Master. Over three decades in the photography industry, he’s known for his posing, lighting, storytelling, versatility, and ability in multiple genres.

Jerry Ghionis takes listeners through his comprehensive approach to wedding photography, emphasizing the significance of thorough client communication, the emotional aspect of album sales, and the impact of AI on the industry. He provides valuable lessons on business strategy, photo workflow, and the importance of meaningful experiences in photography.

“Being meaningful and providing great customer service can compensate for being a lesser photographer.”

Key Lessons

  • Importance of thorough client communication and understanding expectations.
  • Emotional impact in album sales and the significance of meaningful experiences in photography.
  • Business strategy lessons, including delegation and effective client management.
  • Impact of AI on the photography industry, emphasizing the need for authenticity and vulnerability in photography.
  • The value of experiences over material possessions, drawing inspiration from live performances.


Tune in to the Workflows podcast to gain valuable insights into wedding photography, customer service, and the impact of AI in the industry.

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