Oct 18, 2023

Incredible Photography Tools Behind Perfect Colors

In this episode of Workflows, Scott Wyden Kivowitz shares his inspiring journey as a colorblind photographer. Overcoming hereditary colorblindness, Scott navigates the world of photography, tackling struggles and roadblocks along the way. Discover the tools and techniques that have helped Scott achieve accurate color in her work, including Imagen’s innovative Lite Personal AI Profiles. Tune in to hear Scott’s story and gain insights into creating stunning visuals.

Key Lessons:

1: Overcoming Colorblindness – Discover Scott’s personal experience as a colorblind photographer and how it initially posed challenges in their career.

2: Assistance from Professionals – Learn how Scott’s college professor guided them in the darkroom and later in Photoshop to achieve accurate color representation.

3: Essential Tools for Color Accuracy – Explore the tools Scott relied on, such as the ColorChecker Passport and ColorMunki, to calibrate colors in-camera and on their monitors.

4: Leveraging a Unique Perspective – Find out how Scott’s wife, with her extraordinary ability to perceive colors, became an invaluable resource in ensuring accurate color reproduction.

5: Introducing Lite Personal AI Profiles – Dive into an exciting new technology that allows photographers to create personalized AI photo editing profiles based on their preferred Lightroom presets, resulting in dynamic and intelligent adjustments.

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