Aug 01, 2023

Workflows with Dawn Richardson

In this episode, Scott speaks with wedding photographer, software engineer, and educator, Dawn Richardson about her photographic and photography business workflows.

Dawn is a software engineer turned wedding photographer who helps creative entrepreneurs go from tech overwhelmed to tech empowered. Her mission is to create a safe, fun, and welcoming corner of the internet where creative entrepreneurs can learn how to leverage and implement technology in their businesses to spend less time working and more time with the people that matter most. If you’re already familiar with Imagen, then you know that more time with family is one of the things we love seeing Imageners have.

When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her husband and two little girls or searching for the best Margarita in San Antonio.

Episode Summary

Dawn emphasizes the importance of treating clients well and showcasing their work on the internet, regardless of ranking or Pinterest pins. They also delve into the significance of wedding anniversaries for content creation and connecting with couples on social media.

The episode explores the transition from film to digital photography and the current evolution towards AI technology. Dawn encourages business owners and photographers to embrace the industry’s changes and not resist AI tools, as they can save time and allow for focus on other aspects of their business or personal life. They highlight the need for consistent file management and recommend using tools like Imagen to enhance organization and efficiency.

Both Scott and Dawn stress the need to identify individual pain points and automate basic administrative tasks to create consistency and professionalism. They provide insights into their own photography businesses, including Dawn’s journey from a software engineer to a successful wedding photographer and educator. Dawn shares their love for technology and teaching others how to effectively use it in their businesses.

Practical tips and advice are given throughout the episode, such as the importance of in-camera backups, rating images in-camera for quick selection and editing, and automating inquiries and bookings through a clear pricing structure on a website. Scott and Dawn emphasize the goal of creating an elevated and special experience for clients while maintaining boundaries and allowing them to make decisions and feel empowered.

Discussed in this episode

  • Blogging sessions and weddings out of respect for clients, not just for ranking or Pinterest pins.
  • Treating clients well and making them feel worthy of being showcased online.
  • Excitement over clients being dressed for their engagement session and showcasing them on the website.
  • Respect for clients who don’t want to be online but still providing content for those who do.
  • The value of wedding anniversaries as opportunities for content creation and connecting with couples on social media.
  • Emphasizing the need to back up photos on cloud based services and locally to avoid potential data loss.
  • Expressing gratitude to clients for allowing photographers to be a part of their special day.
  • Comparing the transition from film to digital photography with the current transition to AI technology.
  • Emphasizing the importance of trying AI technology and not dismissing it without giving it a chance.
  • The significance of a consistent workflow for effective editing.
  • Establishing a designated storage system for files to prevent loss and confusion.
  • Creating a new Lightroom catalog for each shoot to enhance organization and efficiency.
  • Breaking up a wedding catalog into smaller collections to make editing less overwhelming.
  • Being repetitive and organized with file management for a sense of automaticity.
  • Using the free tool Fathom for summarizing meetings with clients
  • Addressing individual pain points and automating basic administrative tasks for consistency and professionalism.
  • Using both card slots in cameras for in camera backups.
  • Benefits of rating images in camera for quick selection and editing.
  • Personal experience of using same day slideshows with rating images in camera and Imagen software.
Show transcription