Jul 06, 2023

Using Automation and AI to Enhance Photography Workflows

In this episode, Scott speaks with Frederick Van Johnson from This Week in Photo about the future of photography. The conversation covers a variety of AI and automation tools, including some you may not realize already play a role in your photography life.

The conversation went on for nearly two hours, so we split it into two easier-to-digest episodes. This is part 2.

Episode Summary

We continue the discussion on the use of automation and AI tools in photography workflows. We also discuss the acquisition of Flickr and This Week and Photo by SmugMug and their commitment to preserving the Flickr platform for future generations. One topic that came up, which we are sure everyone has something to say about, is the use of artificial intelligence in photo contests both as entries and judging. We also discuss the idea of digital identifying when photos have been made or manipulated by AI just in the same way it’s possible for text, and emphasize the importance of disclosure and transparency. Finally, we stress the need for backups in different locations for photographers as disasters happen.

Discussed in this episode

  • Software that simplifies album design for photographers.
  • Tech helps filter photo contest submissions.
  • Marker needed for AI involvement in content.
  • Smugmug saves Flickr for posterity.
  • Smugmug passionate team guides photography’s power.
  • Photographer’s disaster recovery solution with Imagen’s new backup feature (coming soon)
  • Redundancy and accessibility in cloud backups.
  • Don’t fear AI, use it to improve.
  • Flickr’s metadata can be leveraged for search.

You can find Frederick at:
Frederickvan.com | Thisweekinphoto.com | Smugmug.com | Flickr.com

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