Jan 01, 2022

Workflows with Mike Zawadzki

Talking photographic and photography business workflows with wedding photographer, Mike Zawadzki.

As one of the leading wedding photographers in the world, New Jersey wedding photographer Mike Zawadzki has a distinctive style that helps his couples remember their wedding day memories in a timeless, bold, and genuine way.

Mike has been photographing weddings for 10+ years and enjoys a technically challenging low-light situation as much as he does a stunning once-in-a-lifetime sunset and sky. He typically starts with traditional poses that will make older members of families smile. Then, based on the rapport he builds with clients, he mixes in more personalized and creative shots of couples based on their preferences, and vibe. Mike enjoys meeting new couples and learning about their unique love stories, which helps his subjects feel comfortable in front of his camera no matter how shy or introverted they may feel.

In a society where we are bombarded with negative self-image content on social media, with algorithms that help create false narratives about how we should look, Mike’s philosophy in photography and life is to reject this status quo. He firmly believes everyone deserves to have beautiful photographs of themselves no matter what their age, size, race, gender, religion (or lack thereof), or sexual orientation may be. When not photographing weddings, Mike can be found seeking out the best-hidden gems of New Jersey pizzerias and spending quality time cooking delicious impromptu meals with his girlfriend Melanie.

Discussed in this episode

  • His Wedding Photography Business
  • One Thing That Has Saved Time in the Photographic Process
  • The Importance of Efficiency and Work-Life Balance in Photography
  • Importance of managing time and using the right tools for the job
  • The Benefits of Mirrorless Cameras for Professional Photographers
  • How to Spend Less Time Answering Wedding Photography Questions
  • How to Use an Automated Scheduler to Stay Organized and Efficient
  • The Benefits of a Blog for Business
  • How to Use Your Blog to Increase Credibility and Comfort With Potential Clients
  • How to Use AI to Stay Productive as a Wedding Photographer
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